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Bull Y Los Buffalos first single and music video "Dinero Primero", their new EP, explosive, fresh

Rock and Roll Is For The Brave This Spaniard Took The Road Less Traveled To Conquer American Rock and Roll. Take modern Rock and Roll, mix it with Texas Blues-Rock and a hint of Spaniard flare, you will get an explosive cocktail called "Bull y Los Búfalos".

This Rock band, based in Austin, Texas was founded in Spain by Diego "Bull" Avello who took the road less traveled and brought his music from Europe, to all around Mexico and ultimately to the USA. With many successful national and international tours, a powerful live performance, songs featured in the globally distributed TV series, "MAYANS MC", three studio albums, several singles and video releases, a live album, Gibson & Epiphone endorsements, music awards... Now, coming out with a first single and music video "Dinero Primero", their new EP, explosive, fresh, raw and definitely full of FURY! In 2022 they signed to Paramour Group Management and under the label Paramour Records( has signed a worldwide distribution deal with MVD Entertainment Group), they launch the EP album “Fury” explosive, fresh, raw and definitely full of FURY! Opening with a new music video and first single “Dinero Primero” ( EP streaming link can be found here: Track listing:

  1. Dinero Primero

  2. One Life One Chance

  3. This Veil

Austin, TX, May 2022 This unusual band is currently located in Austin, TX, ready to burn any night with a powerful live show. The appeal of Bull y los Búfalos lies in the power of their concerts based on the charisma and unleashed energy of a 6´6¨ front man like Diego "Bull" Avello and musicians who distill the most genuine Rock & Roll with a subtle Spanish vibe. Their songs in English and Spanish represent a fascinating musical crossover feeking like ZZ Top meets Robert Rodriguez. They named their sound as "Stubborn Rock", based on their philosophy of never giving up or losing sight of their goals. That determination, love for music and overcoming has led Bull and his Bufalos to participate in major Biker festivals in the United States and Mexico, perform at the South By Southwest Festival, NBA half time game for the San Antonio Spurs, set on fire the iconic Whisky a Go-Go in Los Angeles, 3 songs placed on a mayor TV show, awards, music videos, live and studio albums… this is the story: Asturias, Spain: Starting Point Bull, leader of Bull and the Bufalos, was born in a small town in northern Spain, Cangas del Narcea, located in the beautiful state of Asturias. From there, his life has taken him to Madrid, Mexico, Los Angeles and Austin chasing the dream of rock and roll. The music of Little Richard, Elvis and Eddie Cochram changed his life as a child. As a teenager, he soon founded his first band working hard to buy their first instruments, selling breakfast buns among their neighbors to collect the money. Soon after, they managed to get some nuns to give them a place to rehearse in their monastery. After a few months of feasts and wild rehearsals, the nuns made a curious request: to play during a mass. The mass became a rock homily. The songs of the band resonated throughout Spain due to the unexpected presence of a journalist who published a report on his performance in national newspapers. Bull y los Búfalos are born in Madrid Shortly after, Bull moves to Madrid. There he founded Bull y los Búfalos, just one hour after arriving in the city with several musicians from the Madrid rock scene. Its name is due to a National Geographic article dedicated to the buffalo that would describe how they faced the storms to cross them as soon as possible instead of waiting for them to finish. It was the attitude he wanted to express in his music and in his band. After several tours in Spain, they launch their first album “Quien dijo miedo?” Check it out on Spotify here: Alternating music and different jobs, Bull opens an Adventure Off-Roading Company. This company absorbed most of the Bull’s time with frequent trips to the Sahara desert in North Africa, the beaches of Portugal, and the mountains of Spain. Finally, Bull decided to devote himself completely to his musical project and took it to the other side of the ocean. First stop: Mexico. The Mexican Adventure No friends, no contacts, no place to stay, but even with those conditions, Bull lived three years of pure Rock & Roll in the Mexican capital, Mexico City. He found brilliant Mexican musicians who he toured with incessantly throughout the country performing for big crowds at Harley Davidson events and participating in Biker Rallies such as Mazatlan Motorcycle Week with an astounding show to 18,000 motorcyclists. They also launched their second album “Más tiempo que vida” ( mastered by Vlado Meller, mastering engineer of Metallica, Rolling Stones, Kid Rock… After many kilometers of road alternating big and small venues, a lot of adventures, some of them kind of dangerous… he said goodbye to his Mexican experience playing at the MotoFiesta de León for 25,000 spectators. Behind were songs, video clips, press tours and an extensive tour, but also a fascination for the Mexican culture that accompanies him in his songs and his tattoos. We are in 2014, next step… USA! USA: Bull arrives in Austin Texas in November 2014, where inmideately felt very inspired by the Texas Blues Rock music and Country sounds. With just a suitcase, a guitar and a few dollars the beginnings were hard. Trying to get a work Visa was the first task. Finally he got honored with the artist Visa “Extraordinary abilities in the art of music” and starts playing in 2015. After that, he recruits new musicians and records his first full English album “Animal” ( .The band didn’t stop since that, releasesing different singles and music videos, like “Hasta que la Muerte nos separe (Till death do us part)” ( where western music meets Rock and Roll or “Alone with the King” ( an Elvis Presley tribute song about a trip Bull made to Graceland were he had the luck to visit the King’s mansion just by himself. The English and Spanish crossover set him apart from the other Texas Rock bands and has led him to perform in the NBA playoffs at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, in major festivals such as the SXSW, and in different Biker events throughout Texas including ROT Rally. During a brief stint in Los Angeles in 2018, Bull y los Búfalos opened for Dizzy Reed, keyboardist of Guns N' Roses, in the legendary Whisky a Go-Go and performed in various L.A. venues. 2019 was a great year, Bull ends up being sponsored by "Gibson USA" and "Lethal Threat Designs" a biker clothing brand from New York. They were awarded “Best Hard Rock Band in Texas” by the prestigious MXD Magazine -Dallas, Texas. Also, on September 3rd, FX broadcasted the premiere of the second season of "Mayans MC" in the United States with "Bull y Los Búfalos" as part of the soundtrack. "Mayans MC" is more than a TV show, it is a worldwide icon. The series is the sequel to the award-winning "Sons of Anarchy" and has had a successful public and critical reception that has made it one of the top series of the year. With three studio albums and several singles and music videos, in January 2020, they launched "Handmade - Live in Texas" ( recorded in Austin,TX. Their first live album where you can hear and feel their powerful live performance. Pandemic Break… Bad times for everyone, specially for the music industry. Bull decides to minimalizes his life style and expenses. He goes to primitive camping in Lake Georgetown, Texas. There, into the wild, Bull finds the necessary inspiration to write new songs and also record a demo with just a hand recorder. That demo leads to the new EP album “Fury” ( In 2022 they signed to Paramour Group Management and under the label Paramour Records, they launch the EP album “Fury” explosive, fresh, raw and definitely full of FURY! Opening with a new music video and first single “Dinero Primero” ( There is still a long way to go for Bull and his Buffalos, many battles to fight. A route that began more than 5000 miles from the United States and that has taken him to explore the wildest and most honest face of rock, demonstrating something that Diego “Bull” often points out: Rock and Roll is for the brave. BULL Y LOS BÚFALOS

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