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BULLETPROOF MESSENGER Releases New Single "A PLACE FOR MY HEAD" to all digital outlets!

"A Place For My Head" can be streamed/downloaded here:

Bulletproof Messenger released their brand new single “A Place For My Head” to all digital outlets! The single brings the explosive, energetic, and hard hitting rock that music fans have come to love from them, coupled with a newfound maturity as a result of the adversity and challenges which they have overcome in their later years. BPM is ready to share this new chapter in their lives with their loyal and dedicated fans, while making many new ones.

"This song is the third release from our upcoming album that was put together during the pandemic of 2020, it started with influences of Weezer, CKY, and a few other weird inspirations. Initially I wanted it to have a dark and really kinda mystical heavy grind to the guitars but then we came up with the chorus and it ultimately blossomed into something completely different that I could never have planned. I think the Dark verses and bridge juxtaposed with the really heavy but bright and positive choruses is a quality that makes this song one of my favorites. Its a lot like life itself in that way" says the band's guitarist, Voley Martin.

He adds, "Sometimes painful and brutal honesty is the best medicine. We all lie to ourselves, but if we want to become our best version we have to cut through our own bullshit and be true with ourselves, only then can we become better humans."

"It's about having stoic resolve when faced with uncertainty that usually stifles personal progress but turns into the driving need to change the need for challenges. You welcome the challenge and turn it into resolve to succeed instead of waiting for an easy road" continues Marcus Klavan, the band's vocalist.

Blistering rock set against technology and laced with intricate melodies, Bulletproof Messenger build a new kind of hybrid filled with power and intelligence.

The band's touring history includes slots with many national acts including major recording artists Incubus, Seether, Fuel, Karnivool, Smile Empty Soul, Nonpoint, Trapt, Drowning Pool, Collective Soul, Adema, Blindside, Everclear and more, performing overseas as well as in the United States. BPM was also selected by XM Satellite Radio as one of their Top 50 Unsigned Acts.

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