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BURNING WITCHES Unleashes Third Single, “World On Fire”

Official Music Video | Watch NOW!

New Album, The Dark Tower, out this Friday via Napalm Records | Pre-Order Your Copy HERE

[photo credit: Martin Rahn]

Today, Swiss heavy metal outfit BURNING WITCHES sets the “World On Fire” with the diabolical third single taken from their upcoming fifth studio album, The Dark Tower, out this Friday via Napalm Records! “World On Fire” gets the listener’s pulse pumping immediately due to the rising tension of flashy guitar work, before melodic six-string solos unite with unbeatable guitar onslaughts and sophisticated drum attacks - underlining conjuring vocal lines that call out for an evening zombie dance! The chart-cracking five-piece has had an exemplary seven-year career - topped by their most famous song, “Hexenhammer” (2 million clicks on YouTube). Aside from their first American tour with The Iron Maidens in 2022, they have also supported Grave Digger and excited fans with their explosive performance at the world-famous Wacken Open Air festival. Currently, the witches are preparing for their album release shows in May - watch out! BURNING WITCHES on their single, “World On Fire”:

“We are starting the release-week with a roar: The new single ‘World On Fire’ features relentless double-bass power, massive guitars and catchy melodies - this is a typical up-tempo WITCHES banger that defines this new record really well! This forceful anthem will be for sure an epic live banger, that you can find in the set-list very soon. We hope you dig it!”

Watch the Official Video for “World On Fire” HERE:

BURNING WITCHES set the world ablaze, ushering in a new wave of heavy metal!

On fifteen energetic tracks, BURNING WITCHES ring the bells for a midnight mass in smoky-warm bars. Restless and intense, the fierce women of BURNING WITCHES shred their instruments on The Dark Tower like no other, but with the soft mid-tempo track “Tomorrow”, the witches settle down to gather their strength for just a moment. Bittersweet melodies float up to the sky like weightless feathers, carrying a message of five confident women. Ready again to gradually increase the tempo, “Heart Of Ice” and “Arrow Of Time” ensnare with extravagant guitar tapping and heroic vocals by Laura, while “The Lost Souls” merges devilish staccato and legato riffs, creating an ominous atmosphere amid the bewitching screams of the five Swiss enchantresses. With their new studio album, BURNING WITCHES not only bring back the glory days of heavy metal, but push it beyond - trapping the soul of each listener with energetic performances on The Dark Tower.

Pre-Order The Dark Tower HERE:

The Dark Tower track listing:

  1. Rise Of Darkness

  2. Unleash The Beast

  3. Renegade

  4. Evil Witch

  5. World On Fire

  6. Tomorrow

  7. House Of Blood

  8. The Dark Tower

  9. Heart Of Ice

  10. Arrow Of Time

  11. Doomed To Die

  12. Into The Unknown

  13. The Lost Souls

The Dark Tower will be available in the following formats:

Wooden Box Edition: Digisleeve, Bonus CD Cardboard Sleeve, Bonus 7" Vinyl in Black & Logo Beanie

2 LP Gatefold Edition in White Red Blue Splatter with Logo Patch & Cover Art Slipmat (strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide)

2 LP Gatefold Edition in Marbled Blue Black – D-Side Logo Etching (strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide)

2 LP Gatefold Edition in Transparent Red – D-Side Logo Etching (strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide)

2 LP Gatefold Edition in Crystal Clear – D-Side Logo Etching (strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide)

2 LP Gatefold Edition in Picture – D-Side Logo Etching (strictly limited to 100 copies worldwide)

2 LP Gatefold Edition in Black – D-Side Logo Etching

6 Page Digisleeve Patch & Signed Booklet (GSA exclusive, strictly limited to 300 copies)

6 Page Digisleeve & Shirt

6 Page Digisleeve

Tape Edition - Red with white print

Full Digital Album

Make sure to catch BURNING WITCHES live at their The Dark Tower release shows:

12.05.2023 – Pratteln, CH / Z7

17.05.2023 – Oberhausen, DE / Resonanzwerk

18.05.2023 – Diest, BE / Hell


Laura Guldemond – Vocals

Romana Kalkuhl – Guitars

Courtney Cox – Guitars (stand in/special guest)

Larissa Ernst – Guitars

Jeanine Grob – Bass

Lala Frischknecht – Drums


North American PR contacts:

Natalie Camillo

Napalm Records

Jon Freeman

Freeman Promotions

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