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Calgary's OSYRON New Video "Griefmaker" Off "Kingsbane: Deluxe Edition"

Calgary's OSYRON New Video "Griefmaker" Off "Kingsbane: Deluxe Edition"

Out Now! "Kingsbane: Deluxe Edition" (Remixed, Remastered + Bonus Tracks)

L-R: Krzysztof Stalmach (Guitar) | Cody Anstey (Drums) | Bobby Harley (Guitar) | Reed Alton (Vocals) | Tyler Corbett (Bass)

Photo Credit by Ara Shimoon

Calgary, Canada’s Osyron is sharing their latest music video "Griefmaker" in support of "Kingsbane: Deluxe Edition" released this past May. The track is one of three rearranged bonus tracks featured on the re-issue of the 2017 album.

"Griefmaker was a song picked for its potential to be re-arranged. It's a very fleshed-out and layered song, and it has very atmospheric sections, but we've always felt that it could do with some extra reinforcement of those moments. We cut the time down on it quite a bit and removed a lot of the heavily symphonic sections to make room for sections where the guitars/arrangements could take a front seat. We feel overall it's a more "mature" and "current" version of this song; if Osyron were writing this now it'd sound more like it does here than it did on the original release." adds the band.

The music video for the bonus version of "Griefmaker", an epic symphonic power prog song can be watched via YouTube -

Osyron has always sensed the sound and production could be better for the original recording of "Kingsbane", and with time on their hands during the Covid pandemic along with writing new music, they felt it was an opportunity to give the full length a musical facelift.

"Kingsbane: Deluxe Edition" features all original recordings plus bonus tracks remixed by bassist Tyler Corbett and remastered by drummer Cody Anstey. The decision to re-release the record along with three rewritten and rearranged bonus tracks for Viper Queen, Griefmaker and Razor's Wind (Acoustic) with current drummer Cody Antsey (original recordings were with former drummer Trevor Cobb) was an easy one after the great reception the band received from new fans for their 2020 album "Foundations".

“Doing a re-release was never on our radar before, and definitely not something we previously considered for such a long and fleshed out album. However, we felt that this album could do with a proper release in our target markets, and we had lots of time over the pandemic to try and breathe some new life into it. As such, we set out to remix and re-master the whole album, along with re-recording 3 songs in re-arranged states as singles. These three songs were picked based on their reception live, our personal connection to them, or for the amount of potential we saw in re-arranging them. We’re super excited to get all these songs out for you in a higher quality mix, but we’re easily most excited to get you to hear these new takes on some of our “classics”. "

The storyline for "Kingsbane" is about a hero who must reluctantly take up arms against a tyrant king in a neighbouring land. Along the way, he faces many inward, and outward challenges he must overcome to achieve his goal. Through it all, the hero learns a valuable lesson that even though they are duty-bound to stop this great evil, this great evil is also in the eye of the beholder. They discover that the weight of absolute power has the potential to corrupt absolutely - maybe not all villains are as one-dimensional as they seem from the outset.

Osyron's "Kingsbane: Deluxe Edition" is recommended for fans of Nightwish, Dream Theater, and Wintersun.

Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer -

Music Video - Viper Queen -

Track Listing:

1. From Ashes (2:12)

2. To War (5:55)

3. Razor's Wind (8:15)

4. Viper Queen (7:07)

5. Griefmaker (6:41)

6. Kingsbane (7:18)

7. Empire of Dust (7:27)

8. Kingmaker (10:06)

9. Razor's Wind (Acoustic) (5:27)

10. Griefmaker (Re-recorded) (5:27)

11. Viper Queen (Re-recorded) (6:03)

Album Length: 1:12:03

Band Line Up:

Krzysztof Stalmach (Guitar)

Cody Anstey (Drums)

Bobby Harley (Guitar)

Reed Alton (Vocals)

Tyler Corbett (Bass)

For more info:


Osyron is a symphonic metal band based in Calgary, Alberta. The group consists of vocalist Reed Alton, guitarists Krzysztof Stalmach and Bobby Harley, bassist Tyler Corbett, and drummer Cody Anstey. Bridging the gap between traditional European metal and the music of their homegrown contemporaries, Osyron has a sound all their own.

Performing alongside numerous major acts such as Norther, Protest The Hero, Into Eternity, Threat Signal, and The Agonist, Osyron's next goal is to take their sound across the Atlantic in the flesh (post-Covid).


2021 - Kingsbane - Deluxe Edition - Album (Re-Recorded, Remixed, Remastered)

2020 - Foundations - Album

2017 - Kingsbane - Album

2013 - Harbinger - Album

What the press is saying: "Osyron is a band that takes matters into their own hands and literally does most of the production and studio work in-house. They have lovingly remixed their last album, and given fans old and new a brand new take on three songs which are worth the price of the album on their own. The music is all well executed and conceived, and the musicianship is top-notch for every player. Whether you already have the original release or not, the Kingsbane – Deluxe Edition is more than worth the price to add to your collection." - Metal Express Radio

"This is a band in its best form. Osyron has shown that it continues to improve in its production level, so its next full length should be a reflection of the great evolution that they have shown in this reissue." - Metal Rules (Review - Kingsbane Reissue 2021) “‘Kingsbane’ Voted #17 Best of 2017” – Metal Rules "I loved every second of this album. It is a fantastic experience. From the very first notes of the album to the last, your attention is completely captured. I even have had a hard time writing this review while listening to the album because I kept getting lost in the music. It just sucks you in. This is, without a doubt, a must-have album! You don’t want to miss out on this one. It is an experience that will become a staple of your collection. I know it will be a standout in mine. I loved every second and I know you will too." - Uber Rock "another brilliant record from this thrilling band." - Ever Metal (Kingsbane Deluxe Edition (Remixed/Remastered)) "This is a great blend of epic heavy/folk metal that combines the folk stylings of bands such as Blind Guardian, with 90s thrash elements and 90s symphonic power metal style vocals." - Cave Dweller Music - (Kingsbane Deluxe Edition (Remixed/Remastered))

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