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Call From Subconscious - Sorrow And Avidity - (Death Doom Metal)

Call From Subconscious - Sorrow And Avidity (Death Doom Metal)

Released February 12, 2021

“Call From Subconscious” was founded in 1989 by Marcus Pretzl (guitar), Stephan Schmidt (guitar) and Sascha Steubing (base guitar). After the pointless building of their first rehearsal room which was destroyed right after completion, in 1993 finally they finished their second one and were ready to go. But Sascha suddenly left the band. So it was up to Marcus and Stephan to write the very first stuff. Next member entering “Call” was Herbert Keil on drums, then Corrado to play base guitar one year later and soon after him Simon Hammer joined as their frontman. Now “Call” was a band. After first little live gigs like at the “Kunstverein”, “Highway” at Lauf, etc.. Corrado left “Call” and Andy Saffer replaced him on base guitar. At that point they wanted to ad something special to their dry sound. Herbert knew someone who was looking for a band and who played the flute. And so with Sabine Schuster “Call”'s lineup finally was really complete. More live gigs followed at and around the city of Nuremberg. At the “Komm” for example or “Luise”. In 1995 the band entered a studio for its first demo “Fading Flowers”. It was recorded at a studio on a 24 track tape machine. One year later in 1996 they recorded their second demo “Inner Dimensions” at a youth club on a much smaller 8 track tape machine. Later that year Stephan quitted. He was replaced by Thomas Betzelt. But the journey was already about to come to an end. In 1997 “Call” broke up. Not too long ago “Repulsive Echo” stumbled across some of their material on YouTube and got in touch with them. This meant digging up what they could find: Recordings, photos and most important memories up to 30 years old. With their help they had to reanimate a rotting corpse and dress it in newly created but alcso original artwork once done by Marcus. It was a nightmare. But a good one. Where you wake up in funeral…

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