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Canada's Vinyl Hero Shares Cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer”

Canada's Vinyl Hero Shares Cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer”

L-R - Costa Siarlis (Bass/Vocals), Ray Howard (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Tiburce Perlau (Drums, Vocals)

Montreal’s Vinyl Hero is paying homage to one of the great English rockers with their cover of “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel. The song will be celebrating its 35th anniversary, as it was originally released on April 21, 1986. The band will also be commemorating the classic track with a music video to follow next month.

The cover version can be heard at the following links:

Committed to breaking the mold of creativity and stretching the boundaries of what we all grew up calling “Good Old Rock n Roll”, the band pulls no punches when delivering bouncy, enthusiastic songs. The cover of “Sledgehammer” is no exception and is the first in a series of singles set to be released as they explain:

“We decided to release single by single. To make it easier for our fans to get to know us better and join us in the excitement after every single release. Fans should be expecting a bunch of new material for 2021.”

Vinyl Hero has established a distinct sound over the years and continues to release songs with a lot of soul, depth, tone, heartfelt lyrics, and powerhouse choruses. Along with this colourful reimagining of a classic track, the upcoming batch of singles will be a great representation of the band and the story they want to tell to their fans. Page by page, chapter by chapter.

No strangers to the stage, Vinyl Hero boasts an impressive live performance resume including multiple appearances at Indie Week in Toronto and Nappanee’s VoodooRockFest as well as touring across Quebec and Ontario. Their live shows are a continuous rollercoaster of entertainment from start to finish. They deliver high octane, fast-paced, honest, and real rock show. No bells or whistles, just three guys on one stage.

Vinyl Hero’s tunes are recommended for anyone who appreciates rock in all forms, especially fans of Queens Of The Stone Age, Stone Temple Pilots, and Big Wreck.

For more info:


Heavy and gutsy rock riffing served alongside palpable and unmistakable lead vocals!

The feeling you get when headbanging to a Vinyl Hero tune is best described as a Symphony of Synchronicity. Three different individuals with one main goal. Ray Howard and Costa Siarlis (founding members) had a couple of years to curate their songs and sound with different members and once drummer Tiburce Perlau was added to the lineup their overall sound hit a level that has become Vinyl Hero's trademark sound!

No strangers to touring, Montrealer’s Vinyl Hero have been hard at work tilling the soil along the Quebec/Ontario’s 401; headlining venues in Montreal such as Club Soda, and playing important support slots to blues legends like Pat Travers, Stu Hamm, and Alex Skolnick at the towering Le National Theater. The band has been a fan favourite at Mont Tremblant's Blues Fest and by way of consistent, steady, touring has built a vibrant and reliable following in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Kitchener, even as far away as Victoria B.C. along with numerous markets in their native province of Quebec. Vinyl Hero has graced Major Canadian Festival stages including Toronto’s Indie Week (three years running) and Nappanee’s VoodooRockFest. FM Radio spins include CHOM 97.7’s show Montreal ROCKS, and Oshawa’s the Rock 94.9 FM who have been ambassadors for the band in the greater Toronto area. Vinyl Hero was also nominated for Canada's best independent Rock Video in 2018 by Dropout Entertainment and was named Montreal's most popular vote for CBC's Searchlight.

Their 2016 E.P. ‘Seven Days On A Train’ was released to great acclaim “Glam stomping, bratty tear away, excellent musicianship, ragged glory and scarves trailing all over the script” (Steve Swift – PowerPlay magazine UK)(Pure Grain Audio) “They crunch about that gravel path of theirs like there is no tomorrow .” (RockmusicRaider, Newsflash).

In 2020, Vinyl Hero released their single "VULTURES" recorded at Montreal’s #churchofrocknroll recording studio The Freq Shop ran by Dave Traina (The Damn Truth) and multi-instrumentalist Derek Orsi.

With influences drawing from Queens Of the Stone Age, Stone Temple Pilots, as well as fellow Canadians Big Wreck, Vinyl Hero has not placed its cross-hairs on adhering to a particular sound or bandwagon. The Montreal power trio is best described as Deep, Honest, Powerful, and True. Their ethos; to embody in music, humanity, living emotion, and the organic nature characteristic of music during the vinyl era, all while delivering smart arrangements with impactful dynamics and deft akin to power trios such as Nirvana and The Tea Party.

"‘Seven Days On A Train’ was released to great acclaim “Glam stomping, bratty tear away, excellent musicianship, ragged glory and scarves trailing all over the script” (Steve Swift – PowerPlay magazine UK)

“They crunch about that gravel path of theirs like there is no tomorrow.” (RockmusicRaider, Newsflash).

“Low and slow riffage from a Montreal three-piece that’s been making the rounds for the past five years or so. Good for fans of stoner rock. If Chris Cornell were still with us, he’d get a kick out of these guys. The singer kinda reminds me of former QotSA dude Nick Oliveri (except with his clothes on).” - Alan Cross

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