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Carnified releases horror inspired video for "Nocturna" single which features Sarah Jezebel Deva

(Photo credit: Aline Loureiro)

Carnified releases horror inspired video for "Nocturna" single which features Sarah Jezebel Deva

Brazilian veteran death metallers CARNIFIED, after 27 years of existence, released their first video, shot for "Nocturna" single. The single marks the band's return after a 15-year hiatus and features none other than the glorious English singer Sarah Jezebel Deva (Cradle of Filth, Therion, Hecate Enthoned).

The video was directed by Marcos Franco, music producer and the band's guitarist. He was influenced by horror movies as well as characters that are part of "Askarden", a fantastic world created by the band's drummer, Vicente Azevedo.

In an interview conducted by journalist Marcele Correia, Vicente explained the choice of making "Nocturna" a black and white video: "Fantastic stories need elaborate special effects to represent them, and over time these effects can become dated. The real cinema that I appreciate comes from light and shadows and this is the classic, the timeless".

Horror movies were the biggest influence on this video. Elements like the color of Nosferatu (1922), the high shutter exposure of House of Haunted Hill (1959), the backlight of The Exorcist (1973), the camera movement of the flight of vampires in The Lost Boys (1987 ), and the mysterious shadow in the corner of the child's room from the movie Insidious (2010) are some of the influences.

Sarah Jezebel Deva comments about the single: "It was a great privilege to be invited by Carnified to participate in a song on the new album. I had just bought equipment so I could record at home and they were the first band that approached me while I was learning. recording at home. I love the track, I loved the result and I wish the band lots of success in the future. They deserve it!"

Watch "Nocturna" video HERE.

CARNIFIED is one of the veteran forces from Brazilian extreme metal scene. Formed in 1994 by Alex Oliveira (vocals), Eduardo Araújo (bass), Leonardo Pinheiro (guitars) and Vicente Azevêdo (drums), the group released its first demo, "Putrid Development", in 1994. In 1996 the group's music changed, influenced by the British death/doom metal acts, which resulted in their second demo, "The Carnification". In 1998 their line-up also expanded, becoming a sextet, with which they recorded their first EP, "O Primeiro Elo". With lyrics that tell stories of a world inhabited by gods who envy the human form they released in 2001 "Where The Gods Bleed", their debut album.

In 2005, the group went into a hiatus that ended only in 2020. "We wouldn't go back if it weren't for something with real meaning," explained the drummer Vicente Azevêdo. After working on the re-release of their old work, the band, which is now a power trio formed by Dan Loureiro (vocals, bass), Marcos Franco (guitar) and Vicente Azevêdo (drums), released "Nocturna", a single with the goal of going back into their essence.

"Nocturna" single is available on all digital platforms, listen to it here.


Carnified - "Nocturna" video

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