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Hot on the heels of their just-released self-titled EP, Chase Engel and the Night Shift have issued a new video for one of their top tracks, “Lost.” Produced by Tesla’s Brian Wheat and released via his label, J Street Entertainment, the band (which is comprised of singer Engel, lead guitarist Conner Schrems, rhythm guitarist/saxophonist Noah Schieber, bassist Jason King, and drummer Matt Gottlieb) proves that fun can still exist within rock - and the “Lost” clip further confirms this claim. The video can be viewed here:

And as it turns out, the video was the first that they sent to Brian, who in turn began working with the band shortly thereafter. “This was the first music video we shot for the EP,” explains Chase. It was also the first time we really tried to showcase what we look like at a live show. For us we felt like everything was riding on this video. Brian knew a little bit about what we were doing with our show but not a lot. So with this being the first official thing we sent him it had to be awesome. It wasn’t until after he seen this video that he said OK I think we’ve got something here. We actually shut the entire video three separate times over the course of about a year until we got the video to where we wanted it and in the end it was worth it!” And Conner is equally pleased with the finished product. “It’s not easy keeping people attention anymore for a full 3 minutes, especially with a performance video, but I think we pulled it off with ‘Lost’.” 

Additionally, Chase Engel and the Night Shift will be playing a show with Buckcherry and have issued an earlier video, for the lead-off single, “Sorry,” which can be viewed here:

“‘Sorry’ was a song I wrote quite a while ago,” explains Engel. “We had played it live for many years and then wound up taking it out to play newer stuff. It wasn’t until Brian asked me to send him demos that I revisited the track and thought, ‘This one was pretty cool!.’ After we recorded it with Brian it really brought the song to life. Shooting the video was a lot of fun. It was the first video that we shoot that included more than just performance which was nice as it gave me the chance to expand my creativity beyond music and the show. Luckily, we had a great videographer, an experienced lighting crew, and the help of some talented actresses to pull it off.”

The singer also discussed the story behind their debut release. “The EP has been journey. There is a real learning curve when coming into the industry. Working with Brian Wheat was a surreal experience. Brian, working as producer later taking on the role as manager, really helped shape the EP into something bigger. Brian challenged us in ways we hadn’t anticipated, helping us grow as artists and songwriters. Picking favorites when it comes to your own songs is hard. Each one is special in its own right. The song ‘What to Do’ yields a bit of hip-hop, whereas ‘Lost’ leans more on our heavier influences. ‘Sorry’ shows our modern pop-rock side, while ‘Nighttime’ and ‘Let’s Get It On’ show our old-school roots. While each song is unique, we seem to have a way of bring them together.”  CHASE ENGEL AND THE NIGHT SHIFT EP TRACKLISTING:

Don't Know What To Do Lost Sorry Let's Get It On Nitetime


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