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CHUD: Release New Album DEAD & Video Fearmonger

 Howling from the mountains of Canberra - Australia, Chud brings their raw and aggressive mix of primitive death metal, industrial punk with rough elements of black metal. Unleashing their first EP Blood & Bone in late 2009, Chud began their wave of terror, pummeling the senses of the hungry metal punters throughout Australia. Following this up with their 1st full length album Ominousin 2013, they have entertained and amused both venues and punters alike with fury.

Now they continue the next chapter with their new album - Dead.

Chud are: Novak - Skins Kate G - Lo-Strings Whiskey - 9-strings/Script 


  01- Neolithic   02- Jotun   03- The Wicked   04- In Cult We Trust   05- Pigs For Satan   06- Interlude   07- Fearmonger   08- Crone   09- Mountain King   10- Enthroned   11- Get It Out   12- Dead 


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