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Common Choir Announce Upcoming Single "Deformed//Devoid," Out August 27th

Common Choir Announce Upcoming Single "Deformed//Devoid," Out August 27th


Metalcore band Common Choir have announced the upcoming release of their new single "Deformed//Devoid," available on all digital platforms August27th. About the single, the band states:

Deformed//Devoid is a small window into the struggle to find purpose in life, and ultimately a narrative about the harm diving into and constantly living in the negative places of your own mind can cause. It’s often said we are our own worst critics and this song explores that idea from the perspective of a person beginning to succumb to the weight of self-hate and self-judgment over a completely internalized issue with their perspective of self and world at large.

Common Choir is a Metalcore band from Minneapolis, Minnesota focused on creating intense, energetic music that people from all walks of life can connect with.

The name “Common Choir” is derived from the phrase “preaching to the choir” and speaks to the relatability of the messages and emotions poured into the bands music and live performances.

Exploding into the underground metal scene with no established backing the band has quickly made a name for itself with impeccable and energetic live performances across the midwest since 2016.


Common Choir - "Idle Hands"


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