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Copenhagen Death Doom Steamroller KONVENT Releases Brand New Song, “Trust”

The four Danish women of Konvent may conjure up a deserved revival for the whole death doom genre when they release their hotly anticipated album, Puritan Masochism, on January 24, 2020 via Napalm Records. Formed in 2015, the Copenhagen collective stoically trudges through the blackest mires – guttural vocals and tenacious riffing combined with menacingly heavy production make Puritan Masochism an irresistible highlight of early 2020! Today, Konvent unleashes a brand new single for the doomy-as-hell track “Trust”

Guitarist Sara says: “Our second single, “Trust“, is written based on the opening riff, with sudden breaks to create a contrast between the heavy bass and the guitar. The lyrics are about how some groups can manipulate fragile people into opening up and sharing deep secrets, giving the group an immense power over them.”

Following their 2017 demo and highly acclaimed appearances at festivals such as Aalborg Metal Festival, Metal Magic Festival and Copenhell Freezes Over in 2018, Konvent not only inked a worldwide deal with powerhouse label Napalm Records, but their mesmerizing mix of death and doom also led them to big Danish stages, allowing them to perform at Copenhell and Roskilde Festival. While rapidly stepping out as one of Europe's best kept death and doom metal secrets, January 2020 will finally see Konvent release their first full-length, Puritan Masochism, which was recorded live in Lasse Ballade’s studio in Copenhagen over a period of two weeks. “During the process of the songwriting, we were inspired musically by both death, black and doom metal, as we aimed to give this album a broader sound than our demo back in 2017.” the band recently stated. “The lyrics are inspired by the fight of regaining control when surrounded by chaos of different forms, which everyone may be affected by at some point in your life.”

Puritan Masochism Tracklisting: 1. Puritan Masochism 2. The Eye 3. Trust 4. World of Gone 5. Bridge 6. Waste (ft. Tue Krebs Roikjer) 7. Idle Hands 8. Ropes pt. I 9. Ropes pt. II

Konvent is: Rikke Emilie List – Vocals Sara Helena Nørregaard – Guitar Heidi Withington Brink – Bass Julie Simonsen – Drums Konvent live: 24.01.20 DK – Aarhus / Atlas 25.01.20 DK – Copenhagen / Pumpehuset 26.01.20 SE – Gothenburg / The Abyss 27.01.20 NO – Oslo / Vaterland 31.01.20 DE – Hamburg / Bambi Galore 06.02.20 DE – Berlin / Rock At Sage 07.02.20 DE – Hannover / Subkultur 08.02.20 DK – Aalborg / 1000Fryd 09.-11.07.20 SE – Gävle / Gefle Metal Fest 09.-12.07.20 DE – In Flammen Open Air

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