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Crosson: Theatrical Rockers Provide the Home-Party With Live At The Orpheum Blu Ray & Album

Crosson: Theatrical Rockers Provide the Home-Party With Live At The Orpheum Blu Ray & Album

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Since they exploded onto the melodic rock scene with their 2016 release Spreading The Rock ‘N Roll Disease, followed by 2018’s Invincible and 2020’s Rock N Roll Love Affair, Aussie theatrical glam rockers Crosson have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with delivering their hard driving, catchy, uplifting, stadium rock anthems.

Crosson’s engineering team of rock royalty consisting of Duane Baron (Motley Crue, Poison, Ozzy Osbourne) and Dave Donnelly (Aerosmith, Whitesnake, Cher) have not only given the band credibility but have added a unique sonic boom to their 80’s influenced sound. However, it’s been Crosson’s over-the-top, high energy, saucy, theatrical stage shows which has been winning the hearts of punters in the land Down Under.

“We constantly receive requests from fans in the USA, Europe, UK and Russia who have seen our videos and want us to come and play for them” says Jason Crosson (singer/writer/producer).

However, during these crazy times where international touring is not possible, following the motto “If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.” The band will be releasing their first live album and concert video titled 'Crosson - Live At The Orpheum'.

“The audience always goes nuts when the girls come out in their Japanese kimonos and skimpy army uniforms during ‘I Wanna Be Japanese’ and ‘We All Need An Enemy’” says Crosson.

Filmed in high definition with multi cameras in front of an excited home crowd at The Orpheum Theatre in Sydney Australia, the concert video shows Crosson in their element; delivering their bombastic, cheeky, entertaining, choreographed, multimedia stage show. The concert video was edited and mixed by Australia’s metal maestro Lord Tim (LORD).

The album and concert video will be available in digital formats as well a limited-edition Blu Ray / CD box set.

Crosson - Live At The Orpheum will be released globally on 25 June 2021 through Galaxy Records.

Crosson - Spreading The Rock'N Roll Disease Live Video

Crosson - Money Money Money Live Video

Crosson - Live At The Orpheum

Track List

  1. Banished

  2. Everyone’s A Star

  3. We Will Rock You

  4. Never Give Up

  5. I Wanna Be Japanese

  6. Invincible

  7. We All Need An Enemy

  8. Weak At The Knees (For A Hot Brunette!)

  9. Money Money Money

  10. Broken

  11. Interlude / Band Introduction

  12. Spreading The Rock ‘N Roll Disease

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