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Cultus Black Releases New Single "Killing The Beautiful" + Official Music Video

Cultus Black has just released their latest single "Killing The Beautiful" on all platforms along with the official music video!

WATCH Cultus Black - Killing The Beautiful (Official Music Video):

Stream/Download "Killing The Beautiful" here:

Cultus Black is a dramatic death core/ nu-metal crossover featuring members of other national acts masked to protect their identity. "Killing The Beautiful" is the second release off of their debut album produced by multi time Gold record recording artist James Wisner (Underoath). This track is both heavy and melodic, being sited by those close to the band, as their favorite of all the bands offerings. With the stunning visuals video producer Jaiden Frost brought to the table, this single and accompanying music video will be one to remember.

The band's first release "Nevermine" can currently be heard on Octane and Liquid Metal. The band most recently toured with Prong / Overkill and are soon to hit the road with Static- X, Fear Factory and Mushroomhead.

Their manager Larry Mazer (Lamb of God, Stone Sour, Kiss) says that this is the metal band to watch in 2022 and beyond!

Cultus Black is an aggressive hard-hitting band that identifies itself as a cult. Their music is unapologetic and intense, yet it is often marked with mesmerizing melodies that could draw in even the most cynical listener. Cultus Black is also identified by their strange appearance. The frontman who simply calls himself “L” stalks stages in ritualistic body paint as other cult members surround him in masks meant to signify their cult status.

Cultus Black is:

L – Messenger

H – guitar

T- guitar

A- Drums

Z- Percussion

J- Bass

For More Information Please Visit:

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