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Cyhra's new album Vertigo Trigger

Let's take a trip down memory lane and stomp down the stairs into the basement with your muddy shoes

still on. Take the red fiery battle axe with the PS2 cord attached, and plug in to Guitar Hero.

Cyhra's new album Vertigo Trigger, is a trip down those shredding memories. The opening song on the album fills you

with the fast paced ferocity that Dragonforce had, when all your friends wanted to beat Through The Fire

and The Flames on any difficulty.

Their songs have that metalcore aesthetic, fast paced guitar mixed virtuoso like licks intermixed between

the boom of the bass drum. They have that metalcore sound but their lyrics and demeanor give this glam

outcry that was a staple in the 80s. A little bit of sleaze, metalcore and the pounding of the double bass

drums run in your ears.

Cyhra leaves you with catchy lyrics and music videos for “If I” and “Ready to Rumble” show you their

creative side outside of music. They have the artistic visualizations to make their songs come to life. If I is

a great example of the Dragonforce likeness. Along with the music video depicting them playing live

shows, you see the intensity they put into the tunes. Especially about a song yelling about things you may

regret that you can't even remember.

Vertigo Trigger is melodic, catchy, and may make you feel the way you did in middle school.

Check it out August 18th!

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