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Cynik Scald - Storm / Asgard - (Heavy Metal)

Cynik Scald - "Storm / Asgard" (Heavy Metal)

CYNIK SCALD is a multicultural Heavy Metal/Melodic Metal/PowerMetal/Metalcore band with their own original lyrics and music. Cynik Scald’s music has its own sound which can be described as an exciting mixture of heavy metal and folk songs with a pinch of industrial/power metal and a flavor of Viking Metal/DeathMetalcore tunes. Their music is similar to CREMATORY, MUDVAYNE, GHOST, ALESTORM, AMON AMARTH and some vibes of LAMB OF GOD, MOTÖRHEAD.

Currently heavily promoting the two new singles Asgard and Storm!

1. ASGARD. This song sounds like modern viking metal. The main character of the song is today’s person living regular life, who has lost his identity and he is trying to find himself in the world. This song has heavy, mostly Death Metal/Metalcore sound, influenced by LAMB OF GOD, AMON AMARTH.

2. STORM featuring famous power heavy metal vocalist URBAN BREED! The song contains an exciting combination of two great voices - one deep, powerful, harsh voice of our lead vocalist and one of the best heavy metal vocalists, tenor Urban Breed. The Storm is a legendary pirate flagship's song about the battle against a powerful and unbridled storm. Will Queen Anne's Revenge be able to win, break through this wild storm? This song is more Melodic Power Metal/Pirate Metal, influenced by ALESTORM, GHOST, SERIOUS BLACK, POWERWOLF etc.

Cynik Scald’s debut album "AGED SPIRIT" was released at the end of 2019. Recently some of songs from the album were added to some top Spotify metal and rock playlists.

Two most popular songs from album are:

'When the sun goes down' – Motorbike Road song, all filled of the spirit of Freedom and Harley Davidson. Sounds a bit country Metal with reference to Cowboy movies of 70-s. Bloggers about this song: “it’s a hard rock fusion that even allows a blues section on the bridge. A song to listen to while you travel to the nearest motor-meeting!”. Reference for this song is Motörhead.

'Silent Rainbow' is more Metalcore/Rap Metal. The song is about all people life that they just waste, but all the time above them there is Silent Rainbow, that watching them with love. Influenced by Ghost, Crematory.


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