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Dali Van Gogh Announced to Perform at NXNE Music Festival

Atlantic Canada's Dali Van Gogh Announced as Only Band from the Region to Perform at NXNE Music Festival

Dali Van Gogh, the ECMA-nominated rock band from Nova Scotia, has been selected to perform at the NXNE Music Festival in 2023. The band has been chosen as one of the first 100 announced acts and is the only band from Atlantic Canada on this list.

This announcement comes on the back of the band's multiple East Coast Music Award nominations for their latest record, "New Blood, Old Wounds." The album showcases Dali Van Gogh's signature blend of classic and modern rock, with powerful vocals and dynamic instrumentals.

"We're thrilled to have been selected to perform at the NXNE Music Festival, and we're excited to represent Atlantic Canada on such a prestigious stage," said Isaac Kent, the founder, and guitarist of Dali Van Gogh. "We can't wait to share our music with new audiences and connect with other musicians and industry professionals."

The NXNE Music Festival is a renowned music event that showcases emerging and established artists from around the world. The festival attracts music industry professionals, fans, and media from across the globe. Dali Van Gogh's inclusion in the festival is a testament to the band's talent and their growing popularity.

Dali Van Gogh will perform among over 200 artists from around the globe, vying for highly coveted industry attention and touring slots during the festival's 5-day schedule from June 13 to 17, 2023. Fans and industry professionals alike are eagerly anticipating their performance, which promises to be one of the festival's highlights.

For more information about Dali Van Gogh and their latest record, "New Blood, Old Wounds," please visit their website at

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