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David LaDuke's "Psychedelic Sandwich" - (Hard Rock)

David LaDuke's "Psychedelic Sandwich" (Hard Rock)

David LaDuke's Music Video On Bongo Boy TV June 1

Renowned Hard Rocker David LaDuke's "Psychedelic Sandwich" music video will be seen on Bongo Boy T.V.'s 6th Episode, releasing June 1 on 72+ Terrestrial T.V. Channels in the U.S.A. and in the UK, Canada with ROKU Go Indie T.V. Channel. Stay tuned to the channel at

**The music video is not on the 5th Episode (which is hip-hop) as previously announced.

Check out the videos on YouTube!

The video, made up of cartoon graphics and silhouettes of hi-heeled ladies with lingerie model figures, could be construed as a psychedelic trip.

"Psychedelic Sandwich" is a co-write with David and the late Phil Naro (Talas, Peter Criss, Druckfarben). David handled the music and Phil the lyrics. Phil said a "Psychedelic Sandwich" is a "Love drug. It produces intense physical sensations that can make even the slightest touch feel like the most erotic pleasure."

Vocally, David sings hard rock "hiccups" like his favorite rock star, Elvis Presley. He combines hard, heavy & punk rock with pure rock 'n' roll influences from the King of Rock and Roll, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, including guitar styling inspired by a range of players from Jimi Hendrix and Chicago's Terry Kath to Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page.

David and Phil have been friends since the 1990s. The Rochester/Canadian-based singer passed this past May 3, 2021. David pays tribute to his friend, "He was an awesome talent that didn't sound like anyone else. Passionate, Creative, Honest & Sincere.” In 1995, Phil sent some of his music to David's then publication Ballbuster Magazine and record label Sinbad Recordings, and they hit it off. Phil's music appears on 3 Ballbuster compilations: Ballbuster Strike 1 and 2 and Unforgotten Rock. "Psychedelic Sandwich" also appears on recent Bongo Boy Records' hard rock compilations Kryp II Knight and their Various Artists’ FYC 63rd Grammy Album.

David is getting ready to release a new album, Put Up LA Dukes this fall. It will feature remastered tracks, Guitar Rocker "Psychedelic Sandwich," Hard Rocker "Hey There, Who am I," and The Memphis Metal track "Love My Baby," plus unreleased demos and recordings, including a few rough tracks and mixes from the original 1977 Columbia Studios Nashville SINBAD session's featuring the LaDuke written song "Doomsday" produce by Mike Figlio (R.E.O. Speedwagon)

David LaDuke has been playing roots/metal/rock n' roll since 1973. He and his group Sinbad have released several critical acclaim L.P.s, E.P.s, and C.D.s. His album SINBAD was on the California-based indie label Azra International (Overkill, Liege Lord, Jag Panzer Axemaster). His solo releases are Have Rock Will Travel, Ball Bustin Guitar Rock!, plus two live EPs: Absolutely Raw (Nothing more. Nothing less.), Absolute Rock (In the buff.), and the CDs: Rock Hard Rocker and Rock with Balls.

He would develop a unique style of traditional hard rock and blues, eventually compared to The Clash to Jimmy Page to Elvis Presley through the years. Respected German journalist/D.J. Lord Litter once described La Duke's music as being played in a very "Link Wray-ish style, very raw, harsh and always right to the point."

By the end of the 1980s, Sinbad Productions was born. After leaving the stage in 1991 to raise his son, David continued to record and release CDs and EPs. He also published BallBuster Hard Music Magazine, which was available in stores and bookshops worldwide until 2000, and has since supported The International rock scene—partly through his renowned website,

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