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DAY OF DEPARTURE Continue Their Proggy Sci Fi Narrative With “Ex Machina” Off Upcoming S/T Debut

DAY OF DEPARTURE Continue Their Proggy Sci Fi Narrative With “Ex Machina” Off Upcoming S/T Debut

Lyric Video Premiere via SonicPerspectives

Debut Self-Titled Album Out March 25, 2022 via Bravemusic

L-R - Ben Kelly (Bass), Scott Loose (Guitars, Keys), Michelle Schrotz (Vocals, Keys), Trevor Schrotz (Drums), Matt Kozar (Guitars, Keys) Photo credit - David Wright

The next page in Washington, D.C.'s Day of Departure’s sci-fi story that is presented in their upcoming self-titled debut sees civilization being eliminated. “Ex Machina” is the fifth track on the album, and just as the first portion of the record involves the chaos and destruction of our civilization, this song transitions the listener into the realization that there is a new path forward both musically and with the fate of civilization. The band explains the single:

“This is probably the most straightforward track on the album, yet it still retains the vibe and tone of the overall concept. Unlike the epic nature of the first single '...And We Prepare for Our End', this song will provide fans of hard rock and metal with a welcome addition that is a more digestible offering. The song represents a transition in terms of the entire album story, as well as a transition from the epic onslaught of sonic destruction that is apparent on the first few songs on the LP,.”

For Day of Departure, the writing process is not forced. They did not initially set out to create the overall concept, but it was developed organically once the first couple of songs came together. Even though the foundations of most of the songs were initially developed by guitarist/keyboardist Matt Kozar, who is a comic book/sci-fi fanatic, there was plenty of room for collaboration to get to the final versions of the songs on the album, which reflect his literary influence throughout.

Fans of the Day of Departure members' other projects, Brave and Stellar Death, will recognize and appreciate the ways in which they have been able to integrate the vast array of sounds and styles throughout this album, but also recognize elements from those other creative outlets. They are recommended for fans of Tool, Hammock and God is an Astronaut.

“Ex Machina” can be heard via its premiere on SonicPerspectives HERE.

The full album release is March 25, 2022 via Bravemusic.

Album pre-order -

Video - “...And We Prepare for Our End” -

Track Listing:

1. ...And We Prepare for Our End (8:00)

2. The Edge of Annihilation (6:13)

3. The Light In Our Eye Grows Dim (3:01)

4. Pierce the Sky (Conflict) (4:32)

5. Ex Machina (5:46)

6. Life Prevails (6:13)

7. The Future Has No Form (3:24)

8. Living Matter (7:34)

9. Awaken To The Beyond (5:50)

10. The Beyond (2:17)

Album Length: 52:50

For more info:


Day of Departure combines elements of post-rock, ambient, progressive rock, and hard rock to arrive at a unique sonic landscape that seeks to balance the varied influences and inspirations from its creators.

Born out of a desire to explore a different musical style that merges their influences with a well-woven narrative, Washington D.C.’s Day of Departure created a story that begins with the destruction of our planet, and then the need to evolve and find a new path forward for survival. They are heavily influenced by a number of different sci-fi stories and comics that echo throughout their music.

Their debut self-titled album is set to be released on March 25, 2022. It was produced and recorded entirely remotely over two years with none of the members working together in person. They currently do not have any plans to play live at the moment, but are looking forward to thinking about how to bring to life the music and vibe that was created on the record.

While writing their debut, several songs didn’t make the cut, yet Day of Departure are already thinking about the next chapter to explore, with some of those songs/ideas being the inspiration or perhaps even the focus of forthcoming music.

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