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Dead Soul Revival - New Track - Let It Ride

Dead Soul Revival - New Track - "Let It Ride" Drops 7/30! (Hard Rock/Post Grunge)

Dead Soul Revival New Track Let It Ride drops 7/30!

"Let it Ride’ was a song that came very naturally to us. We knew very quickly that we had come up with a track our audience was going to love” says Scott Freak.

Matt adds “I’ve been a big fan of Las Vegas since I was a kid. That’s where my family reunions were held so I guess gambling runs through my blood. This song is about the energy and power you get when you are on a winning streak. It can make you feel unstoppable.”

Kendall says “It’s about living life to the limit. Standing up for yourself and letting the World know you are a force to be reckoned with.”

Matt Clark

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“One thing we really wanted to get across to people on this album is that you have the power to make your life what you want it be.” says Scott. “Don’t listen to the people who hold you down. You’re better off without them.” Matt adds, “Just recently I finished up my parts for Ignite . Which is a really good thing because a couple of weeks ago I broke my back. I was at the ski resort Mountain High that’s just north of Los Angeles. The good news is there was no injury to my spinal cord so I’ll have fully recovered within a month or so. I am very grateful to those who have reached out with their concern and well wishes.” “We’re really stoked to be working with mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Dream Theater, Halford) and artist Mike Cortada (Avatar, I Prevail, Fall Out Boy). They’ve helped us to fulfill our vision for this record,” says Kendall. About The Band: Matt Clark (vocals and guitar), Kendall Clark (bass), and Scott Freak (drums). Follow the band at these links: Spotify: Apple Music:

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