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Debut full-length from French true heavy metal band Crystal Throne.....!!!

On November 24, 2021, the debutalbum, and first full-length, from French true metal band Crystal Throne has been released, called 'Crystal Throne'.

This debut album has been released as an Independent Release.

Crystal Throne - Crystal Throne

Debut, first full-length, album has been released on November 24th 2021 through Crystal Throne itself. This as an Independent Release.

( True Heavy Metal / Progressive )

Steelbirds video:

Artist: Crystal Throne

Title: Crystal Throne

Format: Digital CD / Physical CD

Label: Independent Release


1 - Fate & Triumph

2 - Rise to Glory

3 - Timescape

4 - Shades of Existence

5 - Steelbirds

6 - Foreshadowed Sands

7 - Valkyrie Ride

8 - Mechanical Tyranny

9 - Crystal Warrior

More about Crystal Throne can be found at:

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