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DEFIANT Releases New Single "Ignite the Sky" + Official Music Video via Curtain Call Records

"Ignite the Sky" can be bought/streamed at:

WATCH Defiant- "Ignite The Sky" (Official Music Video)

Defiant released their latest single "Ignite the Sky" to all major platforms via Curtain Call Records along with the official music video. The single was produced, mixed and mastered at Atrium Audio in Lititz, Pa. The band is set to release their third EP in 2023.

“Fat Man, Little Boy, Nukes, The Atomic Bomb. On July 16,1945 humanity had to ask themselves whether their scientific curiosity had gone beyond that of man, and transcend into an apocalyptic cataclysm of hellfire. Defiant's newest single brings forward a harrowing perspective of man's most powerful weapon, and it's involuntary desire to lay waste to all it's nuclear hands touched. The aggressive vocals and hard pounding groove of "Ignite The Sky" brings the essential punk onslaught Defiant is more than happy to give to your precious ears. For a hundred minds and a thousand hours gave God's power to human hands.," says the band.

Boldly resisting authority…like the definition of its name, Curtain Call Records recording artist Defiant has set out to ignore any rules or standards in hard rock music. The 4-piece band from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania infuses elements of punk, alternative, classic rock and heavy metal to form its own unique brand of music.

Formed in 2018, Defiant has built a reputation with their high octane live shows playing on bills throughout Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region with the likes of From Ashes to New, The Texas Hippie Coalition, Kix, L.A. Guns, Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, Tantric and Otep among others.

The band is comprised of Albert Halterman (vocals and guitar), Joe Defiant (guitar), Paul Barlowski (bass) and Paul Cochran (drums).

The band is available for interviews!

Defiant Music Videos:

"Viva La Revolution" (featuring Ace Von Johnson and Richard Reilly)

'Free For A Price"


"Dust The Democracy"

"He’s Watching"

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