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Derek Hess’ Popular "Suicide Note Comes" to Life as Limited Edition Brian Oskins Sculpture

Derek Hess’ Popular Suicide Note Comes to Life as Limited Edition Brian Oskins Sculpture + Companion Tritone Companion Piece Introduced

Orders for Both Sculptures and Bundle Pack Available Now

Just in time for the holidays, artist Derek Hess’ wildly popular Suicide Note is coming to life as a limited edition 10-inch sculpture.

The original Suicide Note 1 sold out within 48 hours, putting in order a demand for a second edition. To accomplish this, Hess teamed up with commercial sculptor Brian Oskins of Plastic Creature Lab for a new take on the original Suicide Note 1.

Not only was the original updated, but he brought along his friend Tritone, named after one of the most dissonant intervals in music. Also known as the "Augmented 4th," "Diminished 5th," "Doubly Augmented 3rd" or "Doubly Diminished 6th," in music tritone is composed of three adjacent whole tones and was banned in early Catholic music due to its dissonance.

Whether a music fan, art fan or a collector of skulls, SN2 and Tritone are the perfect addition to any collection.

Each sculpture is available separately or in a SN2/Tritone bundle containing a five-inch Suicide Note patch, a 7.75x6.25 Suicide Note print, a 1.5-inch Suicide Note enamel pin and 3 4-inch Suicide Note stickers, in addition to the two sculptures. Each includes a Certificate of Authenticity and are signed and numbered by Derek Hess. Orders will ship by December 15 and can be placed at

About Derek Hess:

Derek Hess’ distinctive, emotionally-charged work is a staple in the worlds of music and art. Hess got his start creating promotional flyers for concerts he was booking in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. His work soon gained the attention of concert promoters and bands, leading to a fruitful 30-year career, with pieces in the permanent collections of the Louvre, GRAMMY Museum and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. In addition to countless album covers, apparel designs, and gallery shows all over the world, Hess has been featured on Vice, TLC, MTV, Fuse and VH1, and in publications like Alternative Press, Newsweek and Juxtapoz

Throughout his career, Hess has never been shy about sharing his on-going struggles with alcohol abuse and bipolar disorder, and he’s become an outspoken voice for mental health and addiction awareness through the creation of his art festival ACTING OUT!, an award-winning documentary titled Forced Perspective, and the release of his latest book, 31 Days In May, created to help remove the stigma around mental illness.

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