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DESCENT: Metal Injection Premieres Crushing New Single "Tempest" From Australian Death Grinders

DESCENT Premieres Crushing New Single "Tempest" via Metal Injection

Due out Jan. 14 via Brilliant Emperor, Redefining Darkness & Caligari Records

Australian death metal brutes DESCENT, featuring members of Resin Tomb, Snorlax, etc., have premiered their latest track, "Tempest," via Metal Injection.

Taken from the upcoming album Order of Chaos, Metal Injection's Greg Kennelty says the song is "nothing but fury and crusty tones."

"'Tempest,' as with the majority of DESCENT'ssongs, deals primarily with the same overarching themes written about since the inception of the band," said the band. "Deceit, control, manipulation and just plain nefarious actions taken by those that elevate themselves either legitimately, or by means of deception, to positions of power over individuals or large groups of society on a global, local and personal level."

A tremendous stride forward for DESCENT, and by far their most accomplished work to date, Order of Chaos is a squelching war chest of punishing death metal grindery from the heart of Brisbane, Australia. Recorded by guitarist Brendan Auld, mixed by tone wizard Kurt Ballou, and mastered by the illustrious Brad Boatright, the album's eight tracks are a full-spectrum bedlam of the highest order, just as the glorious Mitchell Nolte artwork breathtakingly hints.

Riffs of inescapable maliciousness fueled by the great traditions of chainsaw artistry reveal gateway altars pounding a primordial blackened fury. Screams sardonically tear at the void, burying your ears in the realization of the severity of your loss of self in eternal torment.

Welcome to the ritual of Order of Chaos.

Submit, worship, dissolve and disintegrate.

Formed in 2014 with the desire to create a sound influenced by a plethora of sounds falling under the umbrella of extreme and heavy music, DESCENT is a coalition of members from various bands from the underground Brisbane scene, including From These Wounds, Resin Tomb, Feculent, Snorlax, and several others. Since the release of the quintet's first demo in 2015, DESCENT has constantly performed throughout Australia, opening for bands like Cattle Decapitation, Dark Funeral, and Code Orange, among many others. The band released its debut album, Towers of Grandiosity, via Redefining Darkness Records in 2018 and toured Japan with The Crown and Origin later that year.

Order of Chaos will be released January 14, 2022, on multiple formats via Brilliant Emperor (vinyl), Redefining Darkness (CDs) and Caligari Records (tapes).



Anthony Oliver – vocals

Brendan Auld – guitars

Josh Kane – guitars

Jim Dandy – bass

Kingsley Sugden – drums

Web Links:

"Nothing but fury and crushing tones"Metal Injection

"Every riff hacks the heads off of the mealy-mouthed oppressors"CVLT Nation

"...a tight package with unrelenting pace" Hysteria Magazine

"If you're a death metal freak then this is the record for you"Two Guys Metal Reviews

Order of Chaos Track List:


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