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DFF (Dead Friends Forever) - You've Heard Of BFF? Now Here's Some DFF - (Cybergoth)

DFF (Dead Friends Forever) - 'You've Heard Of BFF? Now Here's Some DFF' (Goth Metal, Cybergoth, Unpop Rock)

Release Date: October 3, 2021

D.F.F. (short for Dead Friends Forever) five dead end, fun loving neet that went to Wuhan, China back in 2019 (using money they got from selling things on Craigslist) for some China Dolls and came back in body bags (due to eating some exotic soup because of a stupid dare). They miraculously returned to life and decided to form a rock band with the intention of destroying the mainstream music industry, annoy the living daylight out of Rock/Metal elitists, morbidly obese K-Pop fans, nigga booty wankers, Fascist Mommy's Boys, self-righteous feminists suffering from God Complex, millennials and zoomers with boomer/gender issues, militant vegans, etc and maybe to buy spare (organic or prosthetic) body parts. Loves the smell of rotting flesh and embraces the Human/AI Synthesis concept with a vengeance. They hope to get a recording contract real soon, cut an album, go on tour and screw every women/men/goats they can find (before they became too decomposed to do anything). Enjoy the stench!

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Formed: 2020

Band member(s):

Shady Acres - Vocals, Guitar

Snorting Champ - Lead Guitar

Forged Cheque - Bass Guitar

Plague Vaccine - Keyboards, Synthesizers

Faulty Printer - Drums

Genre: Goth Metal, Cybergoth, Unpop Rock

Country: Malaysia

Label: Unsigned

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