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DIE KREATUR Releases Lyric Video for “Gott Verdammt” from Chart-Breaking Album “Panoptikum”

DIE KREATUR Releases New Lyric Video For “Gott Verdammt” | Watch NOW! Get Your Copy Of Their Chart Breaking Debut Album Panoptikum HERE!

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As one of this year’s most exciting collaborations, DIE KREATUR exceeded all expectations with their chart breaking debut album Panoptikum, presenting a smashing and intense adventure for the listener.

Dero Goi and Chris Harms are now releasing another hit, “Gott Verdammt” (engl. “God damned”), along with a lyric video. With organ parts and heavy riffs, the song oscillates between power and powerlessness, while still keeping the mood uplifted the entire time. “Gott Verdammt” allows both artists to evolve and show their particular strengths, but is nevertheless a paradigm for how their voices blend perfectly together.

DIE KREATUR on the new single:

“’Gott Verdammt’ explores various existential questions that have existed since the beginning of mankind: “Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going?” The lyrics reflect the freedom to choose whether to believe or not and deal with the ambivalence of this freedom, which can be perceived as a curse or a blessing, depending on your point of view...” Watch the lyric video for “Gott Verdammt" HERE!

“The human is evil by nature, the human needs the creature."

Panoptikum marks yet another milestone in the musical career of both artists, as well as in the Neue Deutsche Härte / Gothic Rock scene. The multi-layered album wraps itself in a dark ominous atmosphere and will surprise and move the listener, as well as make them contemplate their life and the world itself.

DIE KREATUR about Panoptikum:

"Panoptikum comes up with a dark arc of suspense that takes the listener into the gloomy, winding alleys of the 1920s, where they meet freaks and creatures of all kinds. However, true evil awaits them not in the hideous creatures on display at Panoptikum, but behind the stuffy façade of the normal, respectable citizen that delights in their gruesome appearance. Panoptikum is the ruthless reflection of a decadent, self-indulgent and sated society. Will we be able to bear our own cruel face?” - Dero Goi & Chris Harms  Get your copy of Panoptikum NOW!


1. Die Kreatur

2. Kälter Als Der Tod

3. Unzertrennlich

4. Durch Die Nacht

5. Zwei 100%

6. Schlafes Braut

7. Untergang

8. Mensch / Maschine

9. Was Mir Am Wichtigsten Ist

10. Benutz Mich

11. Glück Auf!

12. Gott Verdammt

Bonus 1: Goldener Reiter

Bonus 2: Die Kreatur (Faderhead Remix)

Bonus 3: Kälter Als Der Tod (Solar Fake Remix) Panoptikum is available in the following formats:

- 1 CD Digipak (including all bonus tracks)

- 2 LP Gatefold Vinyl Black

- 2 LP Gatefold Vinyl Splatter - Limited to 400

- Deluxe Box (2 CD, including Panoptikum 1920, exclusive patches, pins and

photocards) - Ltd. to 500 - Sold Out!

- 48 pages 3 CD Earbook - Sold Out!

- Digital Album DIE KREATUR is:

Dero Goi

Chris Harms For more info on DIE KREATUR, please visit:

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