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David Draiman of Disturbed (photo credit: Tiffini Taylor)

A long, long time ago a little band named Disturbed came to be one of the best bands in the USA. Conquering the world with music which is harsh and soft shows a lot of heart. Out on tour with opener Three Days Grace, their showing what show is and should be live. On a cool night it was smart to wear a coat, a large crowd is ascending upon PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to rock.

Three Days Grace (Photo Credit: Tiffini Taylor)

Three Days Grace took to the stage with a simple set up from this Canadian band. The stage which included an image of a red heart with a cogwheel in black. The graphics were very enticing along with the stage performance. Along with the stage lighting consisting of red, white, blue, yellow, purple, and a strobe lighting which was used in an electrifying way. These Canadians were very excited to be in the Pittsburgh Penguins locker room, apparently, they like hockey. The songs played included “A Little of the Good Life”, “Pain”, I Hate Everything about You”, and the newly released “Infrared”. The songs were played with perfection, the energy was high, and performance was great.

Matt Walst of Three Days Grace (photo credit: Tiffini Taylor)

Barry Stock of Three Days Grace (photo credit: Tiffini Taylor)

The audience in attendance were enthusiastic waiting on Disturbed to hit the stage. Walking onto it, a loud scream from the crowd erupted. The thing about Disturbed is seeing their passion for the music with a live performance. The drums are loud, the bass keeps the beat, the guitars are on point, and the voice, ahh the voice, like an angel belts song after song with strength. The huge back screen is projecting images of photographs from years past from the band. The images include everything from performances over the years, to fans, to their families, it truly shows the side to bands that many do not get a glimpse into. The lighting of blue, orange, white, yellow, green, red, and purple were used well throughout the night’s performance. Disturbed is the band which has mastered fire pyro!

Photo Credit: Tiffini Taylor

Notable songs were played from their catalogue of music, from old to new, it is glorious. The remake of the song “Land Of Confusion”, which is a song originally from Genesis, is also one of my favorites and it was performed perfectly. During the show there was a bass solo, a guitar solo, and a drum solo, this is a refreshing way to see talented musicians’ standout. Solos haven’t been a large part of live performances since the seventies, thank God they’re coming back. The pyros used were good to go with the certain songs they were used, it is nice to see them done well. This includes setting the piano ablaze during the performance of “Sound Of Silence”, which to note it is the cover from Simon & Garfunkel. If you do not know who Simon & Garfunkel is, then you need to use google.

Dan Donegan of Disturbed (photo credit: Tiffini Taylor)

There was a point in the show where the band moved to a center stage in the arena, they gave an emotional performance. I related very well to this, it hit close to me with personal things I am dealing through. There was as well, a surprise in which Disturbed brought up a lady from the crowd named Evette Williams to perform a song and show off her voice. She was beautiful and talented. She does have an EP out so find it. David Draimon chose her due o he loved her voice, he was correct. Disturbed performed “Down With The Sickness” and the audience went wild.

Mike Wegren of Disturbed (photo credit: Tiffini Taylor)

Overall both performances were great and rocking. There is plenty to say about good performance which make great memories.


National Addiction Hotline- 1-800-662-4357

National Suicide Prevention Hotline- 1-800-273-8255

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