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Dope Heads NFTs - Generative Art Gives Back

DOPE HEADS NFTs: Generative Art Gives Back

Partnering With The Dopey Foundation and Legends and Legacies

Dope Heads are generative art NFTs created by leaders in the Houston, TX Hip Hop scene. A pioneer in the Houston scene and in the Cannabis revolution, Bryan “Tow Down” Theriot went from Federal Prison to becoming an outspoken proponent of legalization/decriminalization and an advocate for the families of other non-violent drug offenders. Through Dope Heads, he is putting money where his mouth is…

Bryan “Tow Down'' Theriot had a thriving music career in 2000 and a major label record deal with Elektra Records. His debut video, “Country Rap Tune” featuring H.A.W.K. and Big Pokey was a hit. Around the same time, he started a grow operation to provide ‘refreshments’ in his H-Town studio and it quickly turned a profit. Since Cannabis legalization was some time away, he unfortunately served over 7 years. During time served, he came up with an idea of how to give back to his community to others incarcerated due to cannabis possession. In 2021 Bryan got together with legendary graphic artist Mike Frost and the duo founded Dope Heads. Digital art trendsetter, Johnny Kash, joined the team to complete the vision.

The team will donate a substantial amount of the net earnings from Dope Heads NFTs to organizations designed to help non-violent drug offenders and their families.

The first – the idea for The Dopey Foundation sprung from the Dopey Podcast. The podcast’s mission has been to create a space for addicts that deals with addiction and recovery in a non judgmental way that helps to end the stigma of prison and drug addiction and develops community. Much of the community has had occasion in their lives to interact with the legal system. A nonprofit organization under IRS Code section 501(c)(3), is currently being formed with a mission to support addicts and alcoholics in their struggles.

Dope Heads’ partnership with Houston based non-profit, Legends and Legacies is unique and offers direct aid to his Houston community. “I have known Bryan for years and we are excited to be working with his team,” says Marilyn Gambrell, Founder of the organization. Legends and Legacies, supports children who have experienced parental addiction and incarceration. The money donated will be used to hire staff to do the training our organization provides – everything these kids miss out on. “We will hire some of our students who are now young adults and went through our program. That is the joy to see them running the classes. Money from the Dope Heads donations will support our infrastructure. We will also commit to college scholarships for our children. Due to the consequences of COVID and how it has impacted our community, we will continue to provide food drives, personal hygiene items, vaccines, testing and more,” adds Ms. Gambell.

The message is underlined by partners, Moon Harvest LLC. Co-founder Marco Parada (then known as rapper Merciless) was the leader of seminal Chicano rap group, FUNKY AZTECS. As with Bryan Theriot, Parada was a pioneer, not only in music, but also in Cannabis and was arrested in 2008, pre-legalization and decriminalization. He now processes Hemp and creates CBDA products that promise to aid with anxiety, depression, arthriitis and recent research shows they can be used in the fight against Covid-19. His participation in the DopeHeads project makes sense, “I am blessed and happy to be sharing those blessings with those in need,” he says about the project.

Once you mint a DopeHeads NFT on the blockchain (your DopeHead can’t be copied, corrupted or compromised) then it can be taken through the other 2 divisions of the company. The 3 main divisions of the Dope Heads project are:

● NFTs

● Animated Series (DH will launch their own studio and series similar to Southpark, Rick & Morty, etc. the community will get royalties from whatever they create).

● Merchandise (The animated series will create toys and more revenue for DH to pay forward to charity partners).

You will be part of the creative process and have a say in the back-story of your particular Dope Head as well as its name and personality. Involvement in the process is the ‘special sauce’ with Dope Heads. 2% of secondary sales will go into a Dope Head fund for holders.

“We hope to make enough waves and grab enough attention with Dope Heads to make change. To be able to bring this concept to life has always been in my psyche. We are using art to give back via blockchain.” adds Theriot.

The road map is as follows…

10% SOLD

· Begin 1st Edition Dope Heads Toys & Collectables. Each Dope Head Toy will come with a 3D Dope Heads NFT for authentication & verification.

· Start work with Legends and Legacies locally.

· Work with Dopey Foundation to set things up.

· Giveaway: 10 Lucky winners will receive $10,000 and 1 Rare Dope Head NFT (limited edition pieces will be AIR DROPPED to selected holders for their valued support in the Dope Heads community.)

25% SOLD

· Begin work on Season 1 of the DOPE HEADS animated series. Put together treatment & Story Board for the Rick and Morty / South Park style series.

· DOPE HEADS NFT Holders will receive 1 Production credit in the series per DOPE HEAD NFT they hold.

· Giveaway: 6 Lucky winners will receive merch and prototype plush Dope Heads, $15,000, 1 Rare Dope Head NFT (limited edition pieces will be AIR DROPPED to selected holders for their valued support in the Dope Heads community.)

50% SOLD

· Begin purchasing of land in MetaVerse for The Dope Heads virtual reality theme park. Where you can ride virtual reality rides. Or head over to our concert pavilion, and enjoy your favorite artist LIVE in concert.

· Begin Strategic Planning and Research with National Institute of Justice. Focusing on their strategic challenges and research agenda (info on site

· Giveaway: 8 Lucky winners will receive, completed merchandise, $20,000 and 1 Rare Dope Head NFT (limited edition pieces will be AIR DROPPED to selected holders for their valued support in the Dope Heads community.)

75% SOLD

· Rental of physical location, office building / warehouse for DOPE HEADS LLC Studio/ Soundstage and hiring of employees (from the DOPE HEAD NFT community) full-time staff to help complete Road Map Pins (4 Graphic Artist /Cartoonist, 3 Writers , 2 Producers, 2 Developers ,2 Blockchain Developers, 2 Personal Assistants, 2 Social Media Managers 1 Sales Manager, 4 interns)

· Create hotline and discord channel for 24 hour assistance in legal/justice issues.

· Giveaway: 8 Lucky winners will receive $25,000 and 1 Rare Dope Head NFT (limited edition pieces will be AIR DROPPED to selected holders for their valued support in the Dope Heads community.)

100% SOLD

· We begin work on a DOPE HEAD ZOMBIES NFT project. (All DOPE HEAD holders are Whitelisted for DOPE HEADS ZOMBIES NFT to be released a few months from SALE end.)

· Begin collaboration project with Devin The Dude for his NFT play to earn RC racing game project.

· Giveaway contest: 5 Lucky winners will receive merchandise packages, $50,000 and 1 Rare Dope Head NFT (limited edition pieces will be AIR DROPPED to selected holders for their valued support in the Dope Heads community)


Mint a Dope Head, Join the Discord and become a part of the family!

Dope Heads Social Media

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