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Dungeon Synth Trading Card Series Out Soon From Dark Age Productions

Dungeon Synth Trading Card Series Out Soon From Dark Age Productions

DARK AGE PRODUCTIONS America's oldest dungeon synth label has been releasing medieval and dark ambient side projects from black and death metal artists since 1994. Now they have announced the start of pre-orders for a series of collectible trading cards featuring artists classic and new from across the realm of dungeon synth.

The first series contains 10 cards featuring: MORTIIS (Norway), ARCANA LITURGIA (Italy), ERYTHRITE THRONE (Canada), FOGWEAVER (US), TARKIN TURFER (Australia), VAELASTRASZ (US), WHISPERING MIRRORS (US), AKERIUS (Reunion Island), ERANG (France) & SIDEREAL FORTRESS (Italy)

The cards feature full color UV coated photos and artwork on the fronts, with logos, biographies, quotes and more on the uncoated backs. Each pack contains all 10 cards sealed in an old school wax pack style wrapper (in four variant colorways) and are number stamped with a vintage steel automatic numbering machine.

The first 100 orders will receive an 11 x 17 (A3) size poster of the wrapper art drawn by Bard Algol of seminal US dungeon synth band CERNUNNOS WOODS & founder of DARK AGE PRODUCTIONS.

Pre-orders are open now at:

More information about the card series & info on how dungeon synth artists can participate in the ongoing series can be found at the official card website at:

After a huge response on "Bandcamp Friday", the posters will be increased to the first 200 orders!

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