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DUST BOLT’s Rebirth Continues With Full Force – New Single “Chaos Possession” Out NOW!

  1. After re-defining themselves together with the approach of a new decade, German band DUST BOLT continues their persistent experimental march through new musical territories. As a part of this major decade-long transformation, underlined by the announced line-up changes and promised shift of musical course, the band recently joined Unearth and Prong on their European tour, ready to impress the audience with a special gift, prepared explicitly with the thought of the upcoming live dates. In the first months of this year, the band delivers on their promise made in January, foretelling an equally challenging as captivating outbreak of fresh and technical energy, serving their explosive metal mixture during both live performances and on studio releases. And there is no better way to re-define musical path than by revisiting one’s own musical roots – on the occasion of the tour with Unearth and Prong, DUST BOLT has just released the new version of “Chaos Possession”, originally published on the band’s same-titled demo in 2010. This milestone release, from today’s perspective, earned the group the first wave of recognition from both the local as well as the international scene, largely contributing to DUST BOLT’s current status of one of the most promising metal acts worldwide. Newly published as an exclusive bonus track, available solely for fans attending DUST BOLT’s European tour, “Chaos Possession” opens a Pandora’s box of new stylistic possibilities with its brutally shredding riffs and unmistakable vocals: this German quartet can explore with their upcoming works.

Listen to “Chaos Possession” HERE:

The band comments:

  1. "We are excited to share the stage with Unearth and Prong and to come back to places in Europe we haven´t been in a while! 2020 marks a new era for the Bolt - and all we can tell is, that YOU are definitely NOT prepared! We will deliver Riffs, Grooves and Heavy Metal Action as you have never seen it before - that we promise. The new generation is ready and alive. Help us setting these places on fire and meet us at the shows!"

Catch DUST BOLT on tour: w/ Unearth, Prong 20.02.20 CZ - Ostrava / Barak 21.02.20 AT - Vienna / Arena 22.02.20 IT - Milano / Legend Club 23.02.20 CH - Aarau / Kiff 24.02.20 DE - Saarbrucken / Garage 25.02.20 DE - Braunschweig / Kufa 26.02.20 DE - Oberhausen / Kulttempel 27.02.20 DE - Hamburg / Bahnhof Pauli 28.02.20 DE - Berlin / SO36 29.02.20 DE - Chemnitz / AJZ Tahlshok 11.04.20 DE - Easter Cross Festival 29.05.20 DE - Open Air am Berg 13.06.20 DE - M.I.S.E. Open Air 24.07.20 DE - Nord Open Air More dates to be announced!

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