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EARSHOT Debuts New Single "UNRAVELING" to all major outlets!

"UNRAVELING" can be streamed/downloaded at:

"Hooked from the first heavy riff to the catchy chorus, an instant Earshot classic with modern production, sounding fresh and current!"

- Mike Z, 96.7 KCAL Rocks!

"Earshot’s 'Unraveling' hits deep on the emotions of what most of us are going through in a time of social unrest and division. Will Martin delivers a hit that is reminiscent of “Get Away”, their highest charting song on the Rock 30 and debut single released in 2002. I’ll definitely be playing this song."

- LA Lloyd, LA Lloyd's Rock 30 Countdown

"With the New Single "Unravelling", Earshot have delivered to the fans a single that will bring them back twenty years by delivering that hard rock and edge that made us fall in love with the band".

- John Kunz, Rock Rage Radio

"'Unraveling' is a monster track that boasts intense vocals, ruthless riffs and a voracious groove. Earshot has once again solidified their place in today's top music hierarchy."

- Ralph Beauchamp, Editor of AMP

"This tune has the true roller coaster effect that you want from an incredible song. The intro and verse build and build until Wil kicks in with "IIIIIII'm Unravelling!" and then the guitar chord changes that happen in the chorus give me absolute goosebumps!. This song has to be on heavy rotation on SiriusXM Turbo and Octane now!"

- Don Thatcher, Host of “The Don’s Hit List” and "Deans Of Nashville"

"Earshot's new song "Unraveling" is not only edgy and catchy, but once you hear it, you can't get it out of your head. Wil Martin continues to use his unique flow of lyrics to keep the song rocking from beginning to end."

- Sebastian Cosme, Podcast Host at The Loud Spot with Sebastian

"'Unraveling' unravels feel good music with a killer drum beat to it. This song could definitely be one that sticks with you for a lifetime. It’s just one of those type of songs."

- Dean K. Piper, The Pipeman

“Earshot returns with “Unraveling”, a blazing new song reflecting the angst of modern society that’s as relatable as it is catchy”

_ Bobby Caughron, Senior Editor/Head Writer/Owner of XS ROCK

Earshot released their new single "Unraveling" to all major platforms! The single was produced by Wil Martin & Aaron Fink, mixed and mastered by Wil Martin. The single follows on the heels of their well received song "You + I" that released in 2022.

"This song you’re either going to LOVE it or HATE it. It’s a ride. It keeps you on your toes the whole way through. The guitar work, the lyrics, and melody are so visceral and relatable. And then comes the chorus….it just hits you right in the face," says Wil Martin.

In a sea of melodic clones struggling to break through the surface, Earshot has always had the innate ability to transcend the rigid barrier of genre-defining music with a singular sound that can only be described as their own. Their signature, driving, hard rock beats coupled with hook-laden harmonies are matched only by their unbridled creativity and willingness to experiment with musical textures and themes – elements that had captivated fans’ attention in the band’s early days and continue to do so now 20 years later. Formed in 1999 – the genesis of lead vocalists, Wil Martin, with then members (Bassist) Guy Couturier, (Drummer) Dieter Hartman and (Guitarist) Scott Kohler– the Los Angeles-based band quickly shot to success after signing with Warner Bros. Records in 2002. They released their debut album LETTING GO (produced by David Kahne and mixed by Andy Wallace). Upon its release, the band quickly found themselves on the road touring constantly with such notable rock acts such as Kid Rock, Staind, Shinedown, Hooabstank and Stone Temple Pilots to support the record. This national exposure, combined with an aggressive radio campaign, pushed their debut single “Get Away” to #4 on the U.S. Active Rock Radio Charts where it stayed in the Top 100 for over 64 weeks. At the same time, Earshot’s hit song “Headstrong” was featured on The Queen of The Damned soundtrack alongside other artists such as Disturbed, Deftones and Marilyn Manson, further cementing their place among rock’s elite. However, it wasn’t until the band’s sophomore album TWO (produced by Johnny K. and mixed by Rich Costey), released by Warner Bros. Records in 2004, that they would hit mainstream success with their single “Wait.” It not only reached #9 on U.S. Active Rock Radio but was also featured on the Madden NFL 2005 and MX vs. ATV Unleashed video game soundtracks.

After the success of their first two albums, Earshot found themselves at a crossroads with Warner Bros. Records and eventually parted ways in 2005. This led to a brief break for the band before inking a deal with Indegoot/Fontana/Universal Recordings in 2007 to release their 3rd album THE SILVER LINING (produced by Brian Garcia and Wil Martin; mixed by Mike Watts) yielding their fifth-charting radio single “MisSunderstood.” With three chart-topping albums under their belts and a rigorous seven years of touring and recording, Earshot took a hiatus after the release of THE SILVER LINING. Yet after a nearly decade-long break they emerged producing their long-awaited fourth studio recording AFTERMATH (produced by Wil Martin and mixed by Sam Hughes), a five-song EP featuring an intimate, re-recorded acoustic performance of “Fall Apart,” previously released on the band’s second and most beloved album TWO, as well as the release of the album’s first single "Now That It's Over."

Through the epic highs and lows of the music industry as well as life in general, Earshot once again reactivated in 2019 with four new members: Aaron Fink, the former lead guitarist for Platinum-selling Breaking Benjamin, bassist John Novak from the alternative rock band Down To Six, drummer Mike Sylvia and guitarist Andy Stafford. Regardless of the trends, trials and tribulations, Earshot has always remained true to themselves and continue to produce music that their fans can relate to on a deeper level, beginning with their remake of Alanis Morrisette’s “Uninvited” and their first single of 2021, “Been A Long Time” which was the #2 MOST ADDED on the Billboard (BDS) Mainstream Rock Indicator chart, reaching the Top 20 Billboard Mainstream and Active Rock Charts.

Earshot is: Wil Martin - vocals / guitar Aaron Fink - guitars Andy Stafford - guitars John Novak - bass Michael Sylvia - drums

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