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ECHO 2 LOCATE RELEASE THEIR ALBUM 'Misery & Fools Among the Best of Us'

ALTERNATIVE ROCK BAND ECHO 2 LOCATE have recently released their full-length album Misery & Fools Among the Best of Us - available now on all stream/download platforms. Four of the single/videos from this album connect a story that is a solid work of rock told in a very relatable story. These four single/videos that were released along the way threads themselves and completes a woven story through Echo 2 Locate's signature style. "CLEAR", "64", "Anathema", and "OXY" are the four songs that complete the circle; each telling a section and bringing the accumulativemessage together through Echo 2 Locates music.

"Here it is: our very last single release for our very first full length album. It represents the best and the worst parts that reside within all of us. It is the bad and the weak in us that validates the polar opposite existence of the good and strong in us. We determine who is “us” by either consciously, or subconsciously, choosing a side to recognize. It’s about the ultimate acceptance of not only yourself, but others as well and the Utopian world that could potentially exist, but does not in our reality. It shows the rabbit holes that our environments can send us down if we let them. It’s the overwhelming feeling, or rather the sensory overload, of information in the world, but at the same time, the desensitizing nature of it. Whether we know any of this or not, we are ultimately choosing what makes us ourselves. It’s the world's biggest oxymoron. 

The story line starts with the song "CLEAR", which is the deepest into the rabbit hole of our own demons. It's the false truth people believe in about themselves that takes over. It represents us at our lowest. We then go into the song "64", which represents the unknown about our environment. It talks about the vulnerability of ourselves when we are at this low point. We allow our environment to influence us without us even realizing it and that's when "Anathema" comes into play. Our song "Anathema" is the realization. It's our wish that we could go back and fix everything we couldn't see so we don't end up exactly where we are. It's dealing with self-acceptance and how we've allowed ourselves to get to a point we didn't realize we would. This is where "Oxy" decides to change the nature of the course of our own minds. It's the ultimate acceptance of yourself and others, and calling out the culture of hypocrites. The ultimate choice to allow yourself to be yourself without restrictions from another person's point of view of "you". It's something we want to change in this world and the only way to change it on a mass scale is to recognize it and change it within ourselves." - Echo 2 Locate

Video filmed and edited by Jack Rottier

Video directed and produced by Echo 2 Locate

I thought about writing this in third person, but then I thought that it would be better for you to learn who we are from us. We are Echo 2 Locate. We strive to bring you something that you haven’t felt before. Made up of five musicians coming from different musical backgrounds, we believe that we make a unique sound and image among the rock scene. Our ultimate goal is to help people with our music in the way that music has helped us through the struggles in our own lives. We believe in our team and are dedicated to making the world a better place with the only true way we know how: through music. After our long journey of figuring out what we wanted to be, how we wanted to be, and with who we wanted to be with, we finally had a realization that the more we try to be what we “wanted” the less we were ourselves. So what did we do? We started from scratch and decided we were going to make our first album, and we would allow the bumps and falls to come our way with no objection. We decided to just keep getting back up until it was not only finished, but it was actually a sound that we could call us. A piece of work, a group of people, and a family we could call Echo 2 Locate and to officially show the world what we have to offer. Our first full length album titled Misery & Fools Among the Best of Us is now out on all platforms! - Rhiannon Neagle of Echo 2 Locate

A HUGE thank you to everybody who helped us make this project happen! To start off: thank you to Chris Davis from Iron Foot Audio for recording vocals and vocal production. Thank you to our very own Brian Wynn from Wynn Studios for recording, mixing and mastering the entire album like a beast <3. We also want to give a shout out to Jack Rottier for filming and editing our music videos for our four-part story. Thank you to Dennis Sanders and Allyson Song River Jaynes at the Label Group for believing in us and supporting us through our journey and also guiding us through the ropes of our first album release! And Last but DEFINITELY not least, thank you to all of our fans who’ve supported us through the entire thing! We could not have done this without every single one of you!

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