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Eight Bells - Legacy of Ruin

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Check out Jonah's review of Legacy of Ruin below

If you ever have wanted to know what the end of the world would sound like, it would sound a bit like haunting bells, echoey clean guitar melodies, and vocals that resemble a deathly destructive, religious hymnal. If the end is near for you and you want a soundtrack to the inevitable doom of us all, then on February 25th, check out Eight Bells' third awaited album, Legacy of Ruin.

A mix of contemporary metal that feels like Black Sabbath hollowed tones mixed with the progressive melodies that syncopate with each instrument in a way that reveals the world is coming to its complete and utter end. These experimentalists blend Victorian gospel with the intricacies and dexterous sounds of heavy distortion and bellowed drums. It is creating this apocalyptic religious experience that entrances the mind into accepting fate, misery, and all the joys that go along with it when we reach our final conclusion.

Let the dark melancholy sound of Eight Bells release the haunting tolls that would be able to stir up fear in the vilest of creatures. It feels more creepy than scary because each song sounds like a religious experience. Like they are welcoming this death and destruction like a cult. The sacrifice is humanity, and let their words and ghastly cries carry you into the complex hitting sounds of when the meteor destroys all life on Earth. Step into the abyss and watch the world die as your soul is taken above it all, with an appropriate soundtrack.

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