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Eighty Ninety Release Self-Titled Debut Album, 'Eighty Ninety'

Eighty Ninety - the indie-pop project of NYC-based brothers Abner (vocals, production) and Harper (guitar, production) James - share their self-titled debut album, Eighty Ninety, out on all streaming platforms today.

Their much-anticipated full-length debut, Eighty Ninety, is undoubtedly the band’s most cohesive and confident work to date, both sonically and lyrically. The 10-song set includes past favorites, like “Stay Alive” and “2 Carat,” alongside a handful of brand new tracks. Fusing intimate storytelling, sticky melodies, and minimalist pop productions built on acoustic instruments and electronic sounds, Eighty Ninety’s debut LP showcases the very best of their signature sound.

"The album explores unspoken words, missed opportunities, and moments that may seem wasted," they explain. "But it's not just about dwelling on these experiences - it's about how they combine to create a meaningful life. In these songs we wanted to reflect the transformative power of these moments, showing that as we navigate them we may discover depth, purpose, and genuine connection."

Since making their debut in 2016 with their viral hit “Three Thirty,” Eighty Ninety have released 3 EPs - ‘Elizabeth’, 'The Night Sky,' and 'Bowery Beach Road’ - and have steadily grown their loyal fanbase. With over 33 million streams across their repertoire, as well as praise from tastemakers like Alternative Press and Billboard, the duo have continuously proved they’re one of indie pop's most promising acts.

Eighty Ninety Track List:

1. Ruins

2. Stay Alive

3. Next To Me

4. The Hard Way

5. 2 Carat

6. Conspiracy Theorist

7. Gone By The Morning

8. I'll Be There (ft. Middle Youth)

9. Face Like A Sunset

10. Don't Know It Yet

Listen to Eighty Ninety on all streaming platforms:

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