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Emerging Band GÜRSCHACH Release Improved Reimagined Cover of Metallica’s “St. Anger”

Emerging Band GÜRSCHACH Release Improved Reimagined Cover of Metallica’s “St. Anger”

Music and “Hate Comments” Videos Out Now

Bay area experimental metal quartet GÜRSCHACH have revealed a video for their cover of Metallica’s controversial single “St. Anger,” reimagined with a GÜRSCHACH twist.

Watch the video at The single is available now on Spotify

“‘St. Anger’ was actually the first Metallica song I heard, and it was the whole reason I got into the band,” says guitarist/vocalist X. “It's still one of my favorite songs by the band, but I couldn't deny the issues that many people have with it. I just wanted to address all the common complaints with the album in order to show people that the song has more potential than most people think.”

“This Band Managed to Make Metallica’s “St. Anger” Not Suck,” Metal Sucks wrote of the track.

“I would pick this version over the Metallica version 100% of the time!” said popular YouTuber Alex Hefner.

The video has also received more than 40,000 reviews, and as expected, not everyone has been happy with GÜRSCHACH’s audacity to tamper with the might Metallica. The quartet has not taken the criticism to heart, though, even offering up a 20-minute video where band members read and react to the harsh criticism, which is balanced with a healthy dose of admiration for their version. Check out the “Hate Comments” video at

“We knew that when we covered the song that there would be hate, because a lot of Metallica fans are extremely dedicated and would reject our version, whether they liked the original or not,” says vocalist/bassist Scotty McRib. “The joke's on them though, we got a good kick out of hate comments!”

Originally formed in 2011 by X, guitarist Leyland Reid and drummer Daniel Justo- Sanchez, GÜRSCHACH’s lineup was finally complete in 2014 when they welcomed Scotty McRib to the fold.

With a vision to create an unfamiliar yet captivating listening experience, GÜRSCHACH independently released their debut EP, Beautiful Nightmares, in 2015. After touring through 2016 and 2017, the foursome returned to the studio to complete their first full-length, Dark Matter, in December 2017. The band continued to tour through 2018 and 2019, embarking on the Kiss Our Jobs Goodbye Tour in 2019 and joined festivals such as Redwood Metalfest before releasing the “St. Anger” cover this year. Keep an eye out for more material soon.


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