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Emmy's chat with Hoodie Allen

Hoodie Allen is back with new music after almost 3 years. "Wouldn't that be nice" is a step back from his normal raps and dives turned into more of a pop-rock vibe.

Co-Written and produced with The Wrecks’ Nick Anderson, the song talks about heartbreak with some fantastic story telling.

Check out "Wouldn't That Be Nice" here

Check out Emmy's chat with him below:

Emmy: Can you tell us more about this new era of music coming from you? Hoodie: I'm so excited about it! It's unlike anything I've pursued before and yet it never felt out of my comfort zone. The inspiration stems from a real-life break up but it's led me to push myself sonically into an alternative and rock space that I feel really comfortable in! Emmy: How is this upcoming record different than 2019's Whatever USA? Hoodie: i think this record is a lot more real and vulnerable. Every single word is ripped and written from real life, no matter how embarrassing or spiteful or melancholy it may sound. It's very honest and there's also a lot more singing. I think Whatever USA did a lot of things I'm known for and this album will challenge what people think about me. Emmy: Obviously the world was shut down for a while during the pandemic, are you excited to get back out playing shows with new music? Hoodie: This is probably the thing I am most excited about in the world! It didn't hit me how much I missed it until I started going to friends of mine's shows and then I realized it's been such a hole in my life. I cannot wait to get back and tour both here in the states and abroad for this new record. Emmy: What was it like filming the music video for “Wouldn’t That Be Nice”? Hoodie: An amazing experience. Everyone involved was so talented. Shout out to Erik Rojas and his entire team for helping bring this vision to light and all the incredible friends and actors who stuck it out and made a long day on set feel super easy. I always want to create a cinematic experience to live with the music and I really am proud of what we were able to accomplish independently with this video. Emmy: I like to ask all the artists I interview this question. What made you want to pursue music as a career? Hoodie: I've been writing songs before I even knew why. It's always been in my blood since I was 8 years old and I couldn't imagine not having it as a creative and emotional outlet. Having it be my career is a mix of hard work and luck ultimately but no matter what I would always be writing songs because the creation process is where I am happiest.

Be sure to check out Hoodie on tour and all his social media's at

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