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Empyreal Sorrow: Germany's Melodic Death Metallers Source Of (In)Humanity Release Second Single

Empyreal Sorrow: Germany's Melodic Death Metallers Source Of (In)Humanity  Release Second Single/Video From Upcoming Album PRÆY

With their second single Source Of (In) Humanity, Empyreal Sorrow are spilling pure hate and scorn - on those false prophets and leaders who are deceiving and blinding us with their destructive egoism. Is there any way out for humanity? Maybe in the end we all will stand alone...

Stirring groove, energetic riffing and catchy lyrics that instantly will make you bang your head - another awesome dose of Melodic Death Metal from Empyreal Sorrow.

There is only one goal for Empyreal Sorrow: enjoying the music and the company of those that share the same vision without compromising the own believes. So join the ranks of the „Cult Of Sorrow“ - now!

The debut album PRÆY from the German Melodic Death Metallers will be out on 20 November.

All music was written by Martin Hofbauer

Lyrics are written by Martin Hofbauer & Sebastian Moser

Arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered at Grotesque Studios, Bad Wörishofen


Sebastian Moser - Bass & Vocals

Markus Winter - Guitars

Martin Szeike - Vocals

Julian Osterried - Drums

Martin Hofbauer - Guitars

Empyreal Sorrow is Melodic Death Metal with well-known trademarks heeling to a new emotional side. The band takes the Death-Metal-wheel, demolishes it completely and puts it back together again in their very own way, creating an individual sound with a lot of interesting facets. Their musical construct is born out of aggression paired with ear-catching melody and a sometimes Black Metal-like atmosphere; the music is punchy, dynamic and drills directly into your head. Raw energy flows through every single song: boosting the urge to bang your head until total escalation. Definitely a band you should consider listening to.



01 - Praey To Sorrow

02 - Thrown Into The Fire

03 - Source Of (In)humanity

04 - The Error Code

05 - Come Down With Me

06 - Quiet Depression

07 - Scars Of Old

08 - Voice Of Violence

09 - Killing Silence

10 - A Night Without Armor

Pre-Order the album at Bandcamp or at the band's webstore.

Pre-save PRÆY -


PRÆY is available via CD digipak and digital stream. An extensive range of merch including a large range of new apparel are also available now via:

Pre-save PRÆY -

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