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Enigmatic Russian force, Sleepwalker, release their new album of dark ambient/post black metal


She walks through the ineffable darkness, dusted with stars, on a perpetual journey between the glittering points of light, through the deep velvet night. Her ears are open to the echoes of every word ever spoken, bound into a timeless symphony and her hands weave the fabric of dreams in this place between times and breaths, where no laws exist to limit what can be. Her path is always turning from the onrushing, magic ending, secret stealing dawn, her weightless footsteps carrying her ever onward into the realms of sleep...

The latest release from Russian dark ambient/post black metal entity Sleepwalker is a staircase that leads to the stars, a doorway into a vibrant darkness teeming with possibilities and new beginnings. There is an invitation to thought and self discovery within the hypnotic layers of sound and the notes that drift across them like precious splinters of ice, shards of heaven, carried on ethereal winds. The known and the unknown cascade together, falling around the listener in a rain of new perceptions, leading the imagination down fresh pathways, reconfiguring the expected and assumed. A gentle, rhythmic thunder pulses beneath the ringing guitar notes of ‘Dream Cycle’, an unforgettable highlight where special guests Liholesie blend the sounds of tribal ritual and shamanic vision with Sleepwalker’s ambient darkness. Since the raw magic of their 2016 split release with Fen, Call Of Ashes II/Of Stone And Sea, Sleepwalker’s vision has expanded and their mastery of the sonic elements reached new levels of accomplishment. Nowhere is this better illustrated than on the all-consuming, spellbinding ‘Neverending Journey Through The Void’ that brings Monument From The Void to its stunning conclusion.

Monument From The Void will be released through Ksenza Records on August 13th on beautiful CD digi-pack and digital download. Together the four expansive tracks which form this album are more than just music; they exist at the indefinable point where sound, vision, dreams and the beating of the human heart connect and combine. Singing bowls and Tibetan gongs create otherworldly harmonies with hand crafted instruments, guitars and synths, leaving a trail of stardust leading into the darkness. Follow in the footsteps of Sleepwalker, through the night and into the void.

Track listing:

1 - Monument From The Void

2 - Le Cercle Rough

3 - Dream Cycle (feat. Liholesie)

4 - Neverending Journey Through The Void

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