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ENTER SHIKARI Release New Album 'A Kiss For The Whole World', Drop Music Video For Title Track

ENTER SHIKARI have released their highly-anticipated new album A Kiss for the Whole World today, accompanied by brand new music video for the album's title track, 'A Kiss For The Whole World x'. Stream the album HERE and watch the new video HERE or by clicking the image below.

Lead vocalist and producer Rou Reynolds says:

"I’m so excited to let this beast out into the wild! It’s such a vibrant album, a cocktail of emotions and I can’t wait for people to delve in.

Judging on the way the tracks we’ve played live so far are going down, I think it’s really gonna connect with people.”

ENTER SHIKARI have a way with opening statements and as their new album begins with the words “Be embraced, billions” (‘A Kiss for the Whole World x’), we immediately learn plenty about the band's ambition for this album to touch people.

Its trio of whirlwind single releases to date have reignited dormant sparks '(pls) set me on fire' confronted how we measure self-worth ('It Hurts') and eyed the trappings of cyclical mistakes (‘Bloodshot’). Journeying through the new album, we are met with calls to revel in the power of spontaneity, (‘Leap Into The Lightning’), encouraged to explore (‘Jailbreak’), and - most poignantly - asked to consider the changing nature of identity (‘giant pacific octopus’).

A Kiss for the Whole World heralds the band's most vibrant, direct and life-affirming album so far.

Enter Shikari "A Kiss For The Whole World" Tracklisting

4. Leap into the Lightning

5. feed yøur søul

6. Dead Wood

7. Jailbreak

9. Bloodshot (Coda)

10. goldfĭsh ~

11. Giant Pacific Octopus (i don’t know you anymore)

12. giant pacific octopus swirling off into infinity…

For ENTER SHIKARI, rejuvenation, resilience and resurrection have been on the agenda as they've been introducing the new songs to huge audiences in the UK, Europe and Japan on a series of innovative live residency dates this Spring.

Next month they will hit the US to play 4 very special, sold-out album release shows in Anaheim, CA (4/30) Los Angeles (5/03), Chicago (5/5) and New York (5/10).

For full dates, info and tickets head to


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