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Evandale Releases "The Storm"

OMAHA, NEBRASKA - Southern-flavored hard rock band Evandale continues to bring their hot rock sounds with their next single, "The Storm". With high energy, wicked vocals, and rich licks, this single "The Storm", with The Label Group and distributed via INgrooves, carries a certain rumble that is insatiably charged. Evandale continues to produce a sound that succinctly strikes at the core of rock n roll and showcases their undeniable statement: "Evandale is ready to rock you like a storm."

'"The Storm" is a song off of our new EP All or Nothing coming in the autumn of 2020. This is a song that tells a story that so many can relate to. Everyone has goals in life, lazy moments, or unaccomplished tasks they'd like to fulfill. Sometimes, we need to stop blaming others, stop making excuses for the way things are, and take a step back to evaluate what you can control in your life and make it happen!"'

- Evandale

"The Storm" Premiered in V13

Evandale EXPLODED onto the rock scene with their catchy hooks and melodies that are unforgettable! Their energy and passion on stage make for a great show - you can't help but sing along with your horns high in the air! With their first EP coming, and a southern rocking groove it's clear the future is bright for these Omaha natives. Touring and creating more rock n roll is a straight shot forward for Evandale and they are ready!

Endorsed by Sinister Guitar Picks, Maverick Apparel Co, and Mixcraft. Producer for "The Storm" - Chad Riche.


Lead Vocals - Eddie Jay

Guitar/Vox - Chad Riche

Guitar - Jake Loehr

Bass/Vox - Cody Du

Drums - Ryan Lang

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