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Evolutionary Sleeper unleashes cryptic imagery in new music video for "Crestfallen"

Evolutionary Sleeper unleashes cryptic imagery in new music video for "Crestfallen" featuring Dan Picknell

Crestfallen is taken from Evolutionary Sleepers debut EP Labyrinthian released in December of last year. The track features British vocalist Dan Picknell breathing life into the chilling lyricism of instrumentalist Evolutionary Sleeper, acting as the perfect accompaniment to his trademark melodious guitar lines & savage riffs.

The music video contains a host of trippy visuals & cryptic pop culture imagery, using them as backdrop to augment the supreme melancholy of the song. Evolutionary Sleeper stated that "there are many repeated images & symbols embedded within the video that are intended to shed light upon the lyrical message".

The anonymous UK- based artist known as Evolutionary Sleeper returns to take his hybrid music further into the beyond with a scathing lineup of three tracks on the Labyrinthian EP.

Enlisting the superhuman vocals of three separate, unique, and extraordinarily powerful personalities to bring a raging new dimension of depth to the music on the Labyrinthian EP, Evolutionary Sleeper’s latest tracks feature the talents of Dan Picknell, Alex Hamilton, and Laur Lindmae taking full control of the mic. In a bulletproof combination of professional skills and sonic savagery, the balance of strengths between the music & vocals of Evolutionary Sleeper’s new songs is stronger than steel, played with unbreakable unity and sheer force, with every artist involved injecting pure venom & life into the veins of his words. Producing results that speak massive volumes on their own behalf, the entire set-list of three tracks on the Labyrinthian EP is a testament to what collaborations can become when everyone delivers at 100%.

From the gripping twists, turns, complexities, and enormity at the core of the music, to the supreme raw power that each featured guest-star adds to every syllable they sing, scream, and growl – Labyrinthian is intended & designed to pull no punches, spare no quarter, and shake the fucking walls surrounding you. Committed, dedicated, and invested in every moment from start to finish – Evolutionary Sleeper and his entire crew of collaborative all-star talent unleash a nuclear lineup of inspired songs with performances that are guaranteed to blow minds & melt speakers this winter. Officially coming to every major music platform online – join Evolutionary Sleeper as he combines his instrumental mayhem, professionally controlled chaos, and chilling lyricism, with menacing voices that come straight from the hell-fires of the scene in some of the very best music to be found in Alt-Metal/Hardcore today, into one unforgettable experience immersed in seething sensory sound.


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