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Extermination Dismemberment Unleashes A Brutal Sci-Fi Apocalypse With Newly Announced Album


Out on May 5th Via Unique Leader Records

Pre-Order HERE

Drop Official Music Video For Brand New Track


Watch HERE | Listen HERE

Tuesday, April 4th, 2023 - Minsk slamming death metal overlords, EXTERMINATION DISMEMBERMENT, have announced their new album 'Dehumanization Protocol' today, which will be released on May 5th via Unique Leader Records with pre-orders being available HERE. Accompanying the news is the release of brand new single "CORPSEPIT" and it's official music video. Stream the new track HERE and watch the video HERE or by clicking the image below.

Speaking on their new single, the band share

"For the second time, at the end of the album, we untie our hands and combine the incompatible. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to meet CORPSEPIT!

The Slamming Brutal Death Metal genre has long gone beyond its limits. We have proven to ourselves that we are capable of creating it, and most importantly - showing it in our vision. From the third album onwards, we allow ourselves to show our character and musical ideas, mixing SBDM with other styles.

This composition has long been in the making, and now it has found its place. This is a gift for our fans, whose huge support constantly pushes us forward. Many are already calling it the best track from the album and suggesting that we should continue to develop in this style. But one thing is for sure, Slamming Brutal Death Metal will always be the heart of Extermination Dismemberment."

10 years in the making, EXTERMINATION DISMEMBERMENT's new album 'Dehumanization Protocol' is more than just a collection of songs. Just like the band's previous two albums it weaves a complete and enthralling story. This time the plot revolves around the total annihilation of the planet's surface by artificial intelligence. Machines that once served humanity have now turned on its creators, declaring all living human beings as infection and requiring human blood as their fuel. Each track on the album tells an equally important part of this story, painting a vivid picture of the destruction and chaos wrought by these merciless machines.

What sets 'Dehumanization Protocol' apart from the bands other albums is the incorporation of new elements into their signature style, creating a unique flavor of robotic Slamming Brutal Death Metal that perfectly reflects the album's plot. Listeners will be thrilled by the sounds of diesel engines, tank tracks, and the robotic voices. The cries of dying people in despair will send shivers down your spine. Combined with apocalyptic orchestrations, it allows the listener to dive head first into the atmosphere of the horrific end of the world.


Dehuanization Protocol

Track Listing

God Help Us

  1. Dehumanization Protocol

  2. Terror Domination

  3. Protonemesis

  4. Plague In The Guise Of Flesh

  5. Omnivore

  6. Extermination Factory

  7. Agony Incarnate

  8. Humanity's Last Grief

  9. Sentenced To Extinction

  10. Ruins of Armageddon


Speaking on the album, Extermination Dismemberment warn

"The world as you know it is ending. Your death will be as miserable and insignificant as your life was. From now on you’re nothing but a blood source for the machines, a resource. Run if you want. Resistance is futile. Destruction is inevitable. Dehumanization Protocol has been activated."

Artwork from the album regaling the gruesome tale told across it's twelve tracks can be viewed below. Download HERE.


5/04 Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Monarch

5/05 Mechanicsburg, PA - Lovedraft's

5/06 Baltimore, MD - Soundstage

5/07 Greensboro, NC - Hangar 1819

5/09 Miami, FL - Gramps

5/10 Orlando, FL - Conduit

5/11 Atlanta, GA - Masquerade (Hell)

5/12 Nashville, TN - The End

5/13 Little Rock, AR - Rev Room

5/14 Ft. Worth, TX – Rigdlea Room

5/16 Houston, TX - Scout Bar

5/17 Austin, TX - Come and Take It Live

5/18 Albuquerque, NM - Launchpad

5/19 Mesa, AZ - Nile Underground

5/20 Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction

5/21 San Francisco, CA - Neck Of The Woods

5/23 Portland, OR - Bossanova Ballroom

5/24 Seattle, WA - El Corazon

5/25 Spokane, WA - The Big Dipper

5/26 Boise, ID - The Shredder

5/27 Salt Lake City, UT - Metro Music Hall

5/28 Denver, CO - Roxy Theater

5/30 Chicago, IL - Cobra Lounge

5/31 Detroit, MI - Sanctuary

6/01 Cleveland, OH - No Class

6/02 Toronto, ON - Velvet Underground

6/03 Montreal, QC - Foufones Electriques

6/04 Cambridge, MA – Sonia


Belarus's heaviest export, Extermination Dismemberment return with bombastic force on their 3rd album, ‘Dehumanization Protocol’. Since their 2009 beginnings, they have firmly established themselves amongst the most enigmatic bands on the current Slam circuit. Having forged a reputation as one of the most terrifying live acts out there, the band further cement their legacy with the upcoming new album, undoubtedly destined to become a genre classic.

Extermination Dismemberment are essential listening for fans of Devourment, Ingested and Slaughter to Prevail.

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