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Finnish southern rock band Muddy Moonshine released a double single from their upcoming second album

Finnish southern rock band Muddy Moonshine released a double single from their upcoming second album!

Promo pic by Emma Manninen

Finnish Southern Rock band Muddy Moonshine is back! Two slices from the forthcoming album, the rolling track 'Charm of drinking hard' and a softer ballad type song 'Me & You', both with a new vocalist. The second studio album is released later this year via Secret Entertainment.

Listen to the single on:


Muddy Moonshine was founded in summer 2014. Original idea for this project was to have a small three person blues band (Jonne Rytkönen, Tero & Jarmo Ikala), to perform few pub shows. Moonshiners quickly developed own material and they needed to add some man power, so Saku Manninen joined to play drums and Jaakko Ruusulampi on bass guitar. 3rd guitarist slot was for Niko Turunen. This lineup recorded the bands first EP “ Distilled in Finland” in Porvoo Magnusborg studios 2015.

Muddy Moonshine continued to make their own music and played shows in good pace. Jaakko decided to left the group and was replaced by Kim Sandström. Niko was replaced by Stefan Granroth. Just before Moonshiners were about to start recording their debut album, Tero’s health issues started and he was replaced by Aleksi Ahokas (Rapture, Fragilehollow).

Debut album : Muddy & Wild” 2016 was recorded in Porvoo Magnusborg studios and was published via Inverse Records affiliated company Secret Entertainment worldwide.

Due to musical differencies Aleksi left the group to follow his own path in music and Muddy got an experienced former frontman of : Iconofear, Doperman, Hedonist & Zombie Rodeo Thomas Vee in vocals. Transition was easy and natural, since our paths had crossed before and there had been talks about collaboration before.

Moonshiners made more material and gig pace was good. It was almost time to enter the studio and publish their second album. Stefan decided to focus on family. Muddy Moonshine didn’t recruit anyone to replace him. 2 track single from the forthcoming album is released on September 16th 2021 and the full album will hit streaming services and stores before the end of the year.

Album cover by Mika Kekkonen & Jonne Rytkönen

Track list:

1. Charm of Drinking Hard 2. Me & You


Tuomo Varjola - vocals Jonne Rytkönen - guitars Saku Manninen - drums Jarmo Ikala - guitars Kim Sandström - bass


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