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Five SurVive: Announce New Single/Lyric Video Precognition

Five SurVive: Announce New Single/Lyric Video Precognition

With the 2017 Jon Doe EP and 2019 single release Stonewall already under their belts, Five SurVive are back for 2020. The band is very proud to release brand new single Precognition with accompanying lyric video - now available on all music platforms. The music for Precognition was a fully collaborative band writing effort, born from a simple guitar riff catching everyone's ear. It then was immediately hammered out in the jam room and very quickly morphed into what you hear today. The song's lyrics are inspired by the determination of the human spirit and the journey through our own perception. Five Survive are a 5 piece alternative metal band from Sydney Australia, who have now been banging out riffs together for approximately 6 years, collectively crafting a unique brand of heavy music. A group of 5 life long mates who love to get lit, get creative in the jam space and strive constantly to deliver an intense live show experience not to be forgotten. Members:

Dave SanLorenzo - Vocals

Jeff Coles -  Guitars

Greg Portelli - Guitars

Pablo Puyo - Bass

Brendan Wall - Drums FIVE SURVIVE - Precognition Lyric Video

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