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Floridian Groove-Prog Masterminds Appeal to Authority Premiere "Black Aura" at Metal Injection

Watch HERE! Band Announces New Lineup

Larry Schroeder, Vocals/Guitars/Keys, details the concept of "Black Aura": "When it came time to write and record the lyrics for this, over eight minutes of music we had constructed, I chose a subject matter that I was dealing with personally and that had a great effect on me. A close-to-home murder left me feeling many different and uncharted emotions in which family members, neighbors, and the community found themselves shockingly trying to make sense of it all. "Black Aura" helped me process and deal with all of this and is a representation of the events that took place. A portrayal of pure unnecessary evil and darkness that this world endures. Teaming up once again with Thomas Crane of Kill Devil Films (Saliva, Todd La Torre) brought out the imagery that matches and fits the narrative." Appeal To Authority are excited to announce drummer Mark Nunnally has joined the band. Larry Schroeder shares "After the release of 'Pulling me Inside,' which Stan and I co-wrote, I felt that it was important to have a drummer that could escalate the tracks that Stan and I were writing. We wanted someone that would take the music to the next level. More energy, more complex and more engaging! After contacting Mark and letting him hear a couple of our tracks that were still unfinished and ready for drum tracks to replace our drum programming, we booked the studio and got to work to see if it was a fit! Ironically, the day Mark tracked the drums for 'Black Aura' was the same day we met. The three of us immediately clicked and Mark became a permanent member of the band!" ABOUT APPEAL TO AUTHORITY: Appeal To Authority was formed in 2020 by Stan Martell and Larry Schroeder (owner of Schroeder’s School of Music in St. Johns, Florida, plus an early age student at Berklee College Of Music's six week program. With a Jazz scholarship after being named as number one in the state of Florida for jazz guitar, he graduated from University of North Florida!).. Appeal To Authority is a three-piece American Progressive Metal band based in Jacksonville featuring Larry Schroeder, Stan Martell and newest member Mark Nunnally. This new lineup adds refreshing energy and technical prowess to the band's unique blend of crushing riffs with complex arrangements, bringing to listeners hard-hitting grooves and aggressive prog-like elements. With influences such as Tool, Megadeth, Dream Theater, and Gojira along with many others, this energetic trio strives to push the boundaries using complex time signatures, technical rhythms, and heavy tones to create a versatile and unique sound. The band is currently recording a six-song EP at Martell AVP, Stan Martell's recording studio in Kingsland, Georgia. Larry Schroeder declares "When Stan and I formed the band in 2020, we decided that not only did we want to play Prog Metal, we wanted to play whatever we wanted without worrying about any formulas or rules that sometimes take place in other genres, musically speaking. A while back I graduated with a Bacherlor's Degree in Jazz Guitar Performance, and like Prog Metal, Jazz does not have any rules or specific guidelines, especially Jazz Fusion, which is where I lean. I want to play what is in my head and what I'm hearing and not be apologetic about it! We decided either we play what we want to play or we wouldn't even bother forming a band. It's our way or nothing at all. I mean, it doesn't make sense to me to fight what I am hearing in my head because of trying to guess what someone else might or might not like. That's insane! That's not very metal!!!" Appeal To Authority Larry Schroeder - Vocals, Guitars, and Keys Stan Martell - Bass and Backing Vocals Mark Nunnally - Drums


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