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FORNHEM announce new album and release first video single

FORNHEM release first single 'Uþarba Spa' from forthcoming album "Stämman från Berget"

FORNHEM ("Ancient Home)" are now releasing the video single 'Uþarba Spa'. The track istaken from the Swedish black metal trio's forthcomingalbum "Stämman från Berget" ("The Voice from the Mountain"), which is slated for release on November 5, 2021. Cover art, tracklist, and further details of this harsh full-length can be viewed below.

The title 'Uþarba Spa' derives from a partial transcript of the inscription on the famously large runestone of Björketorp, Sweden. This stunning 4 metre high stone towers over a pre-Viking age grave-field in unique setting aligned with other stones that is thought to form a consecrated area. The debated proto-Norse inscription written in a late version of the Elder Futhark uses the Galdralag metre supposedly associated with Germanic spells. 'Uþarba Spa' probably translates as "I foretell perdition".

The video 'Uþarba Spa'is available via the following link:

FORNHEM band pictures and graphic materials are available at this link:

FORNHEM 'Uþarba Spa' taken from the album ''Stämman från Berget"

FORNHEM comment: "The runic inscription on the Björketorp stone constitutes a curse or a threat, which makes it quite unique among this type of monument in Sweden and elsewhere', explains drummer, vocalist, and lyricist Vafthrudner. "My lyrics are written from the perspective of one of the deceased, buried close to the stone, whose spirit warns us mortals not to disturb the slumber of the dead. The title and the lyrics are also a tribute to our former project, Fördärv, which in English means something like 'ruin' or 'devastation'. The word literally appears in these lyrics: 'Jag spår fördärv', which translates as 'I predict ruin'. The past is alive!"


1. Den Längsta Dagen

3. Förlist

4. Stämman från Berget

5. Untergang

FORNHEM are living proof that the dark underground in Norrköping at the centre of Sweden’s historic province of Östergötland, which has spawned such ground-breaking acts as MARDUK and OFERMOD, is still fertile.

The Swedes' sophomore full-length "Stämman från Berget" ("The Voice from the Mountain") is clearly more than a continuation from FORNHEM's acclaimed 2017 debut album "Ett Fjärran Kall" (“A Call from Afar"). While the trio remains firmly rooted in Nordic black metal with its mesmerising, repetitive phrasing, pounding ritualistic percussion, and fierce vocals, they have expanded the range of their eclectic influences even further.

At the core of the band's audible musical development apart from added years of experience is the addition of guitarist Thuleman to the original founding duo of FORNHEM. Thuleman is a veteran musician, who comes with a solid background in blues rock and just for the fun of it also composes Nordic ambient. The organic fusion of classic rock and metal with black metal has created a quite unique take on the genre's sound.

FORNHEM were founded in 2013 by vocalist and drummer Vafthrudner and guitarist Solbane, who came with a background in both classical music as well as black metal. Both artists are also united by a love for books as Solbane is a librarian and Vafthrudner studies history of religion in Uppsala. His interest in philosophy and art have shaped aesthetics of FORNHEM – and manifest on "Stämman från Berget" in lyrics that take inspiration from Sweden's radical lyricist Gunnar Ekelöf.

With "Stämman från Berget" FORNHEM skillfully add a new facet to Nordic black metal that will appeal to both traditionalists looking for a dark emotional ride as well as those searching for a fresh approach and lyrical intelligence.

Release date: November 5, 2021


Vafthrudner – drums, vocals Solbane – guitar, bass Thuleman – guitar, bass Recording & mixing by Thuleman

Mastering by Magnus "Devo" Andersson Artwork by Nejja Olofsson Layout by Dan Capp Style: Nordic Black Metal Link Pre-sale link Available format "Stämman från Berget" is available on Digipak CD. Band pictures and graphic materials (click here for dropbox)

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