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Forth makes emotional return to the past with new single '1993'

Forth makes emotional return to the past with new single '1993'

Photographer: Liisa Ketonen

'1993' is the third and final single from Forth’s upcoming third album. The song is a very personal return to the past for the band. The lyrics are a reflection on feelings of loss after the untimely passing of so many influential artists from the 1990’s like Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Chester Bennington and so many more. The story and the accompanying video show a hopeful passing the musical torch between generations. In it, lead singer and lyricist, Brian Forth remembers thefirst guitar given to him by his first love when he was a young teenager. He remembers being awakened musically by the raw, emotional power of the sounds of Seattle rock and learning to play along on his old 6 string. Decades later he finds the guitar packed away and coated in dust and he gives it forward to his young son, in hopes of hearing “one last song”. The song is heavy, melodic and melancholic with a chorus that lingers on the mind long after the first listen.

Listen to the single:

Check the music video:

Formed in 2010, Forth delivers hard rock and grunge with melodic sensibilities. Canadian lead singer/songwriter Brian Forth fronts the band joined by Finnish rockers Tim Norrgrann (lead guitar), Kari Storckovius (drums) and Mikael Söderbäck (bass). Their first album, "Road Stories" debuted in 2014 and brought success with the first single 'Up Up Away' climbing to number 2 on the Finnish iTunes rock charts. The second single, 'Fairytale Princess' lasted a month in the top 5 of YLE Toppen charts. After signing with Secret Entertainment, Forth released sophmore album "Captivity" in March 2019. "Captivity" achieved even more success, winning accolades from critics of the genre all over the world. Three different tracks, went straight to the top of indie charts in Finland, US, Spain and Canada, including #1 for 'Higher Ground' on the UK Radio Indie Alliance. "Captivity" put Forth on rotation on YLE radio in Finland ('Let Me In') and also on others in the US, Canada and Spain with different tracks from the album.

Forth single '1993' will be released on August 19, 2021. It is the last of 3 singles scheduled ahead of their upcoming third studio album in September 2021.

Forth - 1993

01. 1993

ISRC: FI-8TC-20-00001

Release date: August 19th 2021

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