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Foul Body Autopsy release the second part of their Shadows Without Light trilogy on May 1st


In October of 2021 Tom Reynolds released the first part of his latest, most ambitious Foul Body Autopsy project to date. Shadows Without Light Part One was the opening EP in a trilogy of releases that would see Tom chart his own course through grief and bereavement, challenging himself and pushing at the boundaries of his music in the process. Now it is time for the journey to continue, as Shadows Without Light Part Two is revealed...

As with the first part of the Shadows... trilogy, Shadows Without Light Part Two features three interpretations of a single track – the titular Shadows Without Light Part Two. The first version of the song is a storm of incisive, surgical riffing and raw, emotive vocals, all touched with magnificent, melancholic melodies. This track shows the continued evolution of Foul Body Autopsy into a state of the art melodic death metal band. Following on from this stunning beginning Tom then applies a Synth Wave Remix to the song, which abandons his traditionally riff based approach completely and heads into more hypnotic, atmospheric territories altogether. Finally the two incarnations of Shadows Without Light Part 2 collide, entwine and coalesce to form a third – the Hybrid Remix – completing another chapter in this brave and exciting endeavour.

Once again Tom has turned to producer Russ Russell (Amorphis, At The Gates, Napalm Death etc) to bring his songs to life and Arif Rot (Wormrot etc) to create the stunning artwork that reaches deep into the troubled soul of the music. Shadows Without Light Part Two builds beautifully upon the foundations laid by ...Part One and on May 1st we continue on this remarkable journey through the long, dark night of loss.

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