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French band Whisper mixes indie folk and heavy rock riffs in new single

French band Whisper mixes indie folk and heavy rock riffs in new single

Whisper is a band that mixes indie folk with the intensity of heavy rock riffs. Their compositions brought them to discover the expression of our modern society, playing together an alternative rock with atmospheric variations. The group's cohesive strength is its different musical origins.

The French band formed by musicians Brice Bach (composer, singer and guitarist), Vianney Carbuccia (bass, arrangements, sound engineer), Julien Nicolas (drums, arrangements), has just released the single and music video of "Fly"

Whisper's first EP, scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2022, also incorporates some French flair influences into its indie rock (folk) atmosphere.

We talk to the band about their music influences, their history, recording process, and many more. Check it out the interview:

Where did the name Whisper come from?

We were walking with Vianney, my bass player friend on the docks in Paris. We looked at the boats passing by on the seine and there was wind. We thought about Whisper, which is the rustle of the wind, and we thought it was a good name because it means liberty. We thought about how to draw the name and we thought it represented the band’s music.

How and when did the band come about?

I began to record some songs but I always liked to play with others. I sent it to some friends to record their part for the drums and bass, synth and at the same time playing live.

After recording their parts on the songs, drums and bass I finalized the structures with my friend who's a sound engineer. And then we mixed the Ep. We started playing those songs live.

Your songs show a lot of intensity and delivery on the part of the band. Is there any composition that is more special for you?

It's different. Fly is the first song we played live and recorded and my friends played on it. My friend Marco, who's Brazilian and English, also plays the acoustic guitar.

What artistic sources inspire your sound? What bands have you been listening to?

Photos, and a lot of different styles of music, folk, acoustic, new wave, synth. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd, Bahamas, The Ramones

Can we expect more new material soon?

A video for the song Burn in March and an Ep (5 songs).

How was the writing and recording process for "Fly"? I started playing some arpeggios at a very low tempo with some delay on my electric guitar fender and I called it Fly. Then I recorded a faster demo with the other parts of the song and some drums. Then we recorded the bass part (Vianney), the drum part (Julien), and Marco the acoustic guitar part and I sang along. I gave the tracks to Fabrice Ordioni (polydor) who arranged the structure of the song and added some arrangements. And Vianney mixed it.

Top 3 dream collaborations? Rick Rubin, Red Hot.

What does music mean to you?

Liberty, Fun, Sharing.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you?

Acoustic Folk with rock riffing, some reverb and delay and some french touch synths.

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