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Fusage releases new full-length "Outburst Desert"

Fusage releases new full-length "Outburst Desert"

The Brazilian rock band Fusage has just released their second full-length ´Outburst Desert´ via Bananada label on all streaming platforms. The album was produced by Rodrigo Sanches (CSS, Céu, Nação Zumbi, Andreas Kisser) and recorded at the Rootsans studio in São Paulo.

In 2021 the band signed a contract with Festival Bananada’s new label and presented 4 tracks on the Bananada BR series including the singles ´Fearless Soul´ and ´Cerberus´ as a demonstration of their recent work.

Described as the band’s sonic diaspora, "Outburst Desert" looks out for what the quartet could achieve in new ways of composing and recording under the creative influence of the producer Rodrigo Sanches.

Listen to "Outburst Desert":

From the kitchen where the message is clearer, concise and objective, through the congruent layers of riffs and timbres toned by Jean Cedemachi (the newest member) to the aesthetic approach of the voices that sing in chorus lyrics of political positioning and questions of the human existence (with the participation of João Lemos – Molho Negro). The weight remains, but it has matured.

New horizons opened up for the conception of this work and, track by track, the most ambitious statement of the quartet is wide open; that there is an immense desert with new shapes, textures and flavors to be experienced. Fusage:

Douglas Takazono (Vocal e Guitarra)

Jean Cedemachi (Guitarra e Synth)

Luiz Miguel (Baixo)

Vitor Angelotti (Bateria)

Watch the music videos of "Cerberus" and "Fearless Soul":

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