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Göatzilla: Aussie High-Voltage Rockers Present New Single/Video Nightmare

Göatzilla: Aussie High-Voltage Rockers Present New Single/Video Nightmare

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Today, high-voltage Aussie rocker's Göatzilla release the new single and video Nightmare. Front goat Ben Zilla explains Nightmare:“It’s a prequel - the backstory to ACDC’s ‘Jailbreak’, about a guy jailed for a crime he didn’t commit. Jailbreak got me into rock when I was about 11 or 12 - I loved everything about it - the riff, the rhythm, the solo, the vocals, the energy - but especially the way it told a story. So when P1 (Guitarist Pete Beardsley) came up with the initial tune, it just sounded so 70’s Aussie pub rock." The band actually gave it the working title Malcolm in honour of the famous Young brother.

Ben continues "Then we needed lyrics and I asked myself the question - ‘What would Bon Scott do?’. That question is pretty much guaranteed NOT to set you on the wisest path. But you definitely know it's going to be fun - at least in the short term. In this case it sent me back to my roots and I came up with this story to see what got Bon’s mate in so much trouble.”

Nightmare has been part of Göatzilla’s live set for a while along with “at least two albums worth” of new material the band has been working on since Covid put the music scene on hold. This was the first track they put together with the new lineup. According to the band "it's just a good old-fashioned, no bullshit, in-ya-face Aussie-pub-rock track.”

Recorded by Guy Cooper at Serotonin Studios, the single and video of Nightmare are due for release on all the usual platforms on 4 June. Pre-save the new single:

Göatzilla has been described as "A feral version of AC/DC meets Motörhead, with twice the shredding".


Ben Zilla - Vocals & Bass

Pete “P1 Beardsley - Guitar

Pete “P2” Janssen - Guitar

Mick Davies - Drums


They say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Göatzilla are feeling pretty damn healthy right now. Göatzilla emerged from the murky depths of the Brisbane underground playing “Atomic Mutant Goatpunk” around the seedier heavy venues in South East Queensland sometime in 2015. Within a week of their first gig they had received a barrage of legal threats from the lawyers representing a movie monster with a vaguely similar name. Göatzilla eventually responded with force by telling them they were broke, which worked and they were left alone.

Having built a strong local following with constant gigging, the band recorded their debut album “Muthafukasaurus” in late 2018. Then, the drummer and guitarist quit before it was released, leaving singer & bassist Ben Zilla and Guitarist Pete Beardsley holding an unreleased album and a bunch of gigs. Undeterred, Ben and Pete recruited new guitarist Pete Janssen (ex-Ceasefire, rapidly re-christened “P2” to avoid confusion with “P1” Beardsley) and drummer Mick Davies (ex Demolition Diva), releasing the album in 2019 to a great reaction with tracks featured by major YouTube stars Ozzyman Reviews, Supercar Blondie and Colin Furze. Helped by an off-the-wall video, the single “Dropbear” was voted in to the #1 spot on Brisbane’s 4ZZZ FM Hot 100. Then covid “fucked everything for everyone” resulting in some substantial touring plans being shelved.

So having come out stronger from three potential disasters, the Goats now reckon everyone is due for a win - things are looking good.The addition of Janssen and Davies has bought new depth to the group, with P2s lead guitar skills augmenting P1’s already substantial solo prowess, and Davies technical prowess and love of modern metal supercharging the rhythm section.Plus, thanks to the enforced lockdown, the Goats now have “at least two albums or more” of new material they are in the process of recording, with with pronounced hard rock vibe binding to their already mutant punk DNA.

Göatzilla has some significant gigs planned Nationally and loads of new tracks for 2021/22. The first of these, their new single + video “Nightmare”.

Goatzilla - Nightmare Official Lyric Video

Get the single on Spotify or on Apple Music.

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